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definition: abridge
to make shorter
definition: adherent
n: a follwer, supporter
adj: sticking to, attached
definition: altercation
an angry argument
definition: cherubic
resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubb face
definition: condone
to pardon or overlook
definition: dissent
to dissagree
definition: eminent
famous, oustanding
definition: exorcis
to drive out by magic, or dispose something
definition: irate
definition: fabricate
to make, manufacture; to make up or invent
definition: marauder
a raider, plunderer
definition: obesity
excessive fatness
definition: pauper
an extremely poor person
definition: pilfer
to steal in small quantitites
definition: rift
a split or break
ant: abridge
expand, enlarge, augment
ant: adherent
opponent, adversary, critic, detractor
ant: altercation
agreement, accord
ant: impish
impish, fiendish, diabolic
ant: condone
censure, condemn, disapprove
ant: dissent
agree, concur, unanimity, harmony
ant: eminent
obscure, nameless, unsung
ant: fabricate
take apart, undo, destroy
ant: irate
calm, composed, cool
ant: obesity
ken truong, emaciation, gauntness, scrawniness
ant: pauper
miillionair, tycoon
ant: rift
ant: semblance
dissimilarity, contrast, total lack
ant: surmount
be vanquished, be defeaated, succumb to
ant: terminate
begin, commence, initiate
definition: semblance
a likeness; an outward appearance
definition: surmount
to overcome or rise above
definition: terminate
to bring to an end
definition: trite
commonplace; overused, stale
definition: usurp
to seize and hold a position by force without right
ant: trite
orginial, novel, fresh