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attrition "over fishin can leave to attrition"
a gradual reduction or weakining
Edfication "Ed getting some edification while on vacation"
enlighten, instruct
abultion "the solution to the baby's abolution"
a cleansing with water or other liquis, especially as a religious ritual
elocution "elocution is a good wayto postpone an Execution"
the art of public speaking
writhe "wild horses Writhe when cowboys ride"
to cause to twist or bend; to suffer acutely, as in pain or embarassment
moving on foot
carrion "carrion carry on luggage"
dead and rotting flesh
pinion "the pins pinioned the wings"
bend the wings so as not to fly; confine
kismet "kiss me baby, its kismet"
ambivalence "ambevalence between two ambulences"
indecisions; experienceing conradictory emotions