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Sepulchral (adj.)
Funereal, typical of the tomb, extremely gloomy or dismal

Syn: Doleful, lugubrious, funereal, mortuary
Scrouge (v.) (n.)
To whip, punish severly; A cause of affliction or suffering; a sourse of severe punishment or criticism

Syn: To whip, flog; a plague pestilence

Ant: A godsend, boon, blessing
Axiomatic (adj.)
Self-eviden, expressiong a universally accepted principal or rule

Syn: self-evident, taken for granted

Ant: Questionable, dubious, controversial
Precept (n.)
A rule of conduct or action

Syn: A rule of conduct, principle a maxim
Equitable (adj.)
fair, just,embodying principals of justice

Syn: fair, just, right, reasonable

Ant: unjust, unfair, one-sided, disproportionate
Addendum (n.)
An addition or supplement designed to increase correctness, compleatness, or curreny

Syn:A supplement,addition or appendix
Soporific (adj.)
Tending to cause sleep, relating to sleepiness or lathargy (n.)Something that induces sleep

Syn: Sleep-inducing, narcotic, anesthetic

Ant:A stimulant, stimulus, stimulating
Scathing (adj.)
Bitterly severe, withering, causing great harm

Syn: Searing, harsh, severe, ferocious, savage

Ant: bland, mild
Salutary (adj.)
Beneficial, helpful, healthy, wholesome

Syn: Salubrious, wholesome, benefical

Ant: Detrimental, deleterious, pernicious
Vapid (adj.)
Dull, uninteresting, tiresome, lacking in sharpness, flavor, liveliness or force

Syn: insipid, lifeless, colorless, dull

Ant: zesty, spicy, savory, colorful, lively
Straitlaced (adj.)
Extremely strict in reguard to moral standards and conduct; prudish, puriranical

Syn: Highly conventional, overly strict, stuffy

Ant: lax,loose, indulgent, permissive, dissolute
Prognosticate (v.)
To predict, esp. on the basis of present indications or signs, foretoken

Syn: To fortell, forcast, predict, presage
Unwieldy (adj.)
Not easily carried, handled, or managed because of size or complexity

Syn: cumbersome, bulky, clumsy, impractical

Ant: manageable, easy to handle
Flout (v.)
To mock, treat with contempt

Syn: To scoff at, sneer at, snicker at

Ant: To obey, honor, revere, uphold
Transient (adj.)
Lasting only a short time; fleeting

Syn: Impermanent, ephemeral, evanescent

Ant: Permanent, imperishable, immortal
Amnesty (n.)
A general pardon for an offense against a gov't: in general-any act of forgiveness

Syn: A general pardon or absolution
Blazoned (v.)
To adorn ot embelish, to display conspicuouly, to publish or proclaim widely

Syn: To broadcast, trumpet or embellish

Ant: To hide, conceal, coverup or bury
Caveat (n.)
A warning or caution to prevert misunderstaning or discourage behavior

Syn: A warning, or caution
Filch (v.)
To steal, esp. in a sneaky way and petty amounts

Syn: To pilfer, purloin, swipe
Fractious (adj.)
Tending to be troublesome; unruly; quarrelsome, contrary, unpredictable

Syn: unruly, efractory, reclcitrant, peevish

Ant: docile, tractable, cooperative
Autonomy (n.)
self-government, political control

Syn: self-gov't, home rule

Ant: dependace, subjection colonial status