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voters who think of themselves as neither republican or democrats

party loyalty is weak
the national voter registration act

requires states to offer voter registrattion with a drivers liscence application, renuals, or adress changes

Also, at certain social service agencies and in schools/libraries
motor voter law
when the voter chooses people from different parties on the ballot
split ticket
the number of people that voted
voter turnout
Because the majority of Americans consider themselves either Dem or Rep, most vote for members of their party...this has a great influence on the decisions of voters
party loyalty
an extremely loyal Democrat
yellow dog democrat
what the party believes in...idealology, people vote for a particular candidate because of what they stand for or are adressing
one who is caught between conflicting elements in his or her own life such as religion, income level, and peer group

Ex: Cathilocs are more likely to vote democratic than republican
cross-pressured voter
"I know how it feels to have to work for something. I worked my way through college since my daddy couldnt afford to send all 5 of us to school."
plain folks
when someone famous or well liked claims to support a candidate...endorsement
Everybody is voting for this person, so you should, too.
"Mudd slinging"
when voters select the candidates of their party only
straight ticket voters
when candidates appear infront of flags or other patriotic symbols
just as important as issues is the way voters precieve the candidates
living in the of the requirements to be a voter
quoting only the stats that support the candidate
people who dont vote
I have a Plan

I <3 Clean Air
glittering generalities
using ideas, info, or rumors to influence the voters' opinions