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acquisitive (adj)
able to get ideas; WEALTH
syn:greedy, grasping, avaricious
ant: altruistic, unretentive
arrogate (v)
to claim or take w/o right
syn: expropriate, usurp
ant: relinquish, renounce
banal (adj)
hackneyed, commonplace
syn: stale
an: fresh, novel
belabor (v)
to work on excessively; thrash soundly
synL overwork
carping (adj) (n)
adj: tending to find fault- nasty way
n: nagging criticism
syn: nit-picking
ant: approving
coherent (adj)
making a logical hole, sticking together
syn:connected, unified
ant:muddled, cahaotic
congeal (v)
liquid->solid, thicken
syn: harden, jell
ant: melt, liquefy
emulate (v)
to imitate- and surpass
antL condemnation
eschew (v)
to aviod, shun
syn: abstain from
any: embrace, adopt
germane (adj)
revelant, appropriate
syn: pertinent
ant; irrelevant
insatiable (adj)
so demanding as not to be satisfied
syn: unquenchable
intransigent (adj)
resfusing to compromise
syn: uncompromising
ant: lukewarm, halfhearted
invidious (adj)
offenseive, hateful
syn: malicious, spiteful
ant: complimentary, flattering
largesse (n)
generosity in giving; contributions
syn: liberality
ant: stinginess
reconnaissance (n)
syn: scouting expedition