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emigrate (v)
move out of a country or region to settle in another
immigrate (v)
move into a foreign country or region as a permanent resident
eminent (adj)
standing or justting out; conspicuous; famous; ditinguished; noteworthy
imminent (adj)
haning over one's head; threatening; about to occur4; impending
enervate (v)
(litterally, :take out the nerves or strength:0 lessen the strength of; enfeeble; weaken
erosion (n)
gradual wearing away; deterioration; depletion
evoke (v)
bring out; call forth; elicit; produce
invoke (v)
call on for help or potection; appeal to for support
excise (v)
cut our; remove by cutting out
incise (v)
cut into; carve; engrave
exclusive (adj)
1. shutting out, or tending to shut out, others
2. not shared with others; single; sole
inclusive (adj)
1. (literally: shutting in)including the limits(dates, #s, etc) mentioned
(literally hold out)show; display
(literally, hold in) hold in check; restrain; repress
expel (v)
drive out; force out; compel to leave; banish; eject