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Philanthropist (noun)
Definition: One who wishes to help humanity; a person who makes large gifts to charity.

Mr.Page and Mr.Wallin are the two greatest philanthropist that I know because I have recieved a scholarship money from the two of them.
Anthropological (Adjective)
Definiton: Referring to the study of human being.

I know a group of anthropolgist that teaches the Hmong culture by performing plays.

Vivacious (Adjective)
Definition: Lively, full of spirit.

A person who talks about killing themselve and threaten to kill people is not a vivacious person.
Definition: A person who hates or distrusts other people.

My great, great grandmother lived to be 104 years old, but she was such a misanthrope that no one went to her burial.
Panorama (noun)
Definition: A clear view over a wide area.

From the highest floor of the IDS tower, I could see a beautiful panornama of Mpls. Downtown from every directions.
Genocide (noun)
Definition: The planned murder of an entire group.

Hitler is the biggest genocide person I've known because he had killed every Jewish person that he could put his hands on.
Viable (Adjective)
Definition: Capable of living, capable of success; workable.

I'm a viable person because I go to school full time, work part time, volunteer part time,do homework, and still find times to have fun.
Genesis (noun)
Definition: Origion; beginnning.

Every living things had once been a genesis before developing into something or someone.
Pandemonium (noun)
Definition: Chaos, wild disorder, and noise.

Every New Years Eve people pandemonium happens because it's to celebrate the New Year.
Pseudonym (noun)
Definition: Assumed name; pen name.

My sister call/tell people that her name is Cecile, but her real name is Jon.
Maverick (noun)
Definition: An indepenedent person who does not conform or adhere to rules.

A kid that i work with is a maverick because he doesn't listen to anyone and does only what he want.

Nominal (Adjective)
Definition: A very small amount or in a name only.

One of my co-worker's mom does income tax for no nominal charge.
Chauvinism (noun)
Definition: Prejudiced devotion to a group or country.

Hitler's chauvinsim was proven when he putted the Jewish in camps and killed thousands of them.
Reowned (Adjective)
Definition: Famous; well regraded.

My dad is a reown for being the best Hmong lawyer in the Hmong community.
Psychosomatic (adjective)
Definition: Referring to physical disorders that are caused by the mind.

A depression person can become a psychosomatic person if he does not take his perscribetions because both are caused by stress or loneliness.
Congenital (Adjective)
Definition: Existing at birth or naturally being a certain way; habitual.

Susan was putted in jail four times this month, but becasue she's a congenital shoplifter notthing could stop her from doing what she does best.
Gargentuan (adjective)
Definition: Huge;immense.

There is a gargantuan number in percentage of homelessness in the universe.
Rose Apart started the boycott againsted city transportation in her hometown because discrimination.