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The one difference between GSX and ESX is ESX allows you to Dynamic change physical resources on the fly? True or False?
________ means that a virtual machine is represented as a small set of files.
The _____________ is based on a modified version of Redhat 7.2.
Service Console
The __________ supports administrative functions for ESX Server, and it also allows for acccess to unsupported (i.e. not virtualizable) Device.
Service Console
How many Ethernet adaptors can a VM have?
Up to Four
How many Parallel Ports can a single VM have?
1 - 4
How many Serial/com Ports can a single VM have
1 - 4
How many Floppy Drives can a single VM Have?
1- 2 Drives
How many IDE Controllers can a single VM have?
up to 2 CDROMs
Virtualization means compatibility, isolation, encapsulation, and hardware independence? True or False?
VMware ESX Server runs _______ on the hardware for maximum performance.
The maximum memory you can place in an ESX Server virtual Machine is ___ GB
When creating a swap partition for the Service Console swap it should be __ * ______ Memory.
2 * Service Console Memory.
ESX Server control's its own boot using a tool called LILO. During installation this should be placed in the ____________.
Master Boot Record.
When you initially setup ESX when do you reboot the Server?
A. After setting the Security level.
B. Configuring Swap Space.
C. Creating VMFS Partitions.
D. Configure Hardware Profile.
D. Configure Hardware Profiles.
Put the following steps in order to complete the initial Setup.
Configure Network, Configure VMKernel Swap Space, Create VMKernel Core Dump Partition, Configure System Startup, Configure Hardware Profile, Log in to MUI, Accept Lic Agreement, Create VMFS Partitions, Set Security Level, Reboot, Edit VMFS Partitions, Display Storage Config, and enter serial numbers.
Check page two of Configuration.
VMFS is a flat file system used for the storage of virtual disks and other files to used by Virtual Machines? True or False?
A VMFS is the only type of file system that the ________ knows how to access.
The VMkernal swap file is used as a key part of ESX Server's Memory mechanism. Create a swap file that is as least as large as the sum of the max memory of all VMs you plan to run simultaneously; this will usually be 100% to 200% of you servers RAM size? True or False?
Once you create you VMKernel Swap space you don't need to activate it? True or False?
False. Once created you will need to activate it.
What is the default security level of the Service console?
A. High
B. Medium
C. Low
A. High
Virtual Machine (VM) Creation Steps, put them in order. Configure Other hardware, Configure Virtual Disks, Configure Removable Devices, Click Add Virtual Machine, Configure Processor and Mem, and Configure Standard options.
1. Click Add Virtual Machine
2. Configure Standard options
3. Configure Processor and Mem
4. Configure Virtual Disks
5. Configure Removable Devices
6. Configure Other hardware
Can you change Display settings while the Virtual Machine is powered on? Yes or No?
The ________ is the main tool for manging a single virtual machine.
Remote Console
In VMs running Win 2003 as a guest OS, you may see slow mouse response even after VMware tools is installed. To fix this problem, ensure that ____________.
Windows is utilizing full hardware mouse acceleration.
____________refers to the fact that a virtual machine is completely defined by a set of files, making it a self-contained unit that is easy to manipulate.
What two files that are most important encapsulate a Virtual Machine?
You can manage all the resources through:
A. VMware Management Interface
B. /proc/vmware
C. VMware Scripting API
D. All of the above
D. All of the above.
The proportional share mechanism applies to CPU, Memory allocation, and disk bandwith and is only applied when VMs are contending for the same resources. True or False?
True. All though Network bandwidth is not controlled using shares.
The Service console always runs on CPU 0 . The VMkernel is constanly monitoring the system to determine wheterh or not it can migrate VMs off of one CPU and onto another. How often does the VMkernel look to migrate VMs?
Every 10 Milliseconds
Network traffic shaper limits _________ network bandwidth.
Traffic shaping is off by default? True or False?
You can group multiple physical NICs in one single virtual device called a ______?
NIC Teaming(bond)
When you have the Vlance device sellected what hardware will be listed in the VM Hardware list?
When you have the VMXNET device sellected what hardware will be listed in the VM Hardware list?
VMware NIC
When creating a bond, A physical NIC that is used in the bond can be used as a stand-alone as a vmnic? True or False
False, A physical NIC that is used in the bond can no longer be used as a stand-alone vmnic.
You can connect up to ____ VMs to single vmnet virtual switch.
Each ______ is an internal virtual LAN, which works with the speed of the server's CPU.
When configuring SNMP you can install VMware MIBs into the monitoring tools, where are the MIBs found?
A prorietary OS for managing virtual machines is called the _______.
If problems occur during boot up, check _______ "dir" for helpful diagnostics
VMnix and the Service console are the same thing? True or False?
To edit LILO you would find the file where?
The Service Console _______ the VMKernel onto the system?
The Service Console handles devices differently than the VMKernel? True or False?
_____ is the first process spawned by any Linux Kernel.
Init operations is controlled by _______"file located where".
Without the VMKernel, the virtual machines could not run. True or False
The _________ provides command line management of the ESX Server.
Service Console
What rc3.d start script logs the changes in system status?
Which rc3.d start script configures Service console networking?
Which rc3.d start script starts system logger deamon?
Which rc3.d start script starts secure shell daemon?
Which rc3.d start script starts service super-deamon?
Which rc3.d start script loads VMKernel, and other ESX components?
Which rc3.d start script starts MUI Server?
When the Service Console network is setup the Service Console gets the correct driver for the ethernet in ________ "file".
The run level 3 network script is "S10network." eth0 is the first network Interface configured for use in the Service Console. In this case the device driver associated with eth0 is e100. The IP Address and network mask for eth0 is defined in __________.
To change the hostname and default gateway you would change?
To change the DNS servers you would change what file?
Hostname needs an entry in ________.
______ is the centralized logging system.
syslog is governed by ________.
sshd is governed by __________.
________ is what allows incoming secure shell login connections
The _____ service is responsible, among other things, for starting any Remote Console sessions.
The Remote Console has a configuration file named ________ which identifies its default port number.
VMKernel drivers reside in _____.
This file contains the mapping from a PCI device to a VMKernel driver.
______ mounts VMFS volumes
vmkloader (S90vmware)
What command is used to re-mount VMFS volumes?
A. mount -t vmfs vmfs /vmfs
B. unmount -t vmfs
C mount vmfs
A. mount -t vmfs vmfs /vmfs
An important service to the VMKernel is logging. Syslogd defines what log files are generated and what messages go to what files. VMKernel messages are logged in files starting with "vmk" in ______.
If the VMKernel crashes, upon reboot vmkdump will copy the core file to /root (i.e. the users home directory) for later troubleshooting. True or False?
True reads all registered VM's configuration files from________.
Any virtual machine that is configured to autostart at the time you boot the ESX Server is automatically started by the Perl script ___________.
________ does back-end processing for MUI, Remote Console, and Scripting interfaces.
___ is a general command to list any proccess in the Service Console.
init is the first process from boot, and therefore has a process id 1. True or False?
VMKernel's concept of a process is a world, Each VM occupies its own world. True or False.
/proc/vmware contains real-time status information about the ESX server as a whole as well as individual virtual machines and the Service console. True or False?
VMKernel needs ___ MB core dump partition.
Service Console needs swap ___ RAM assigned to the Service Console.
VMKernel needs what swap size
Best case: greater than maximum memory of all running VMs
Internal disk layout the /boot partition should be ____ MB
50 MB
Internal disk layout the vmnix swap space should be?
up to 1GB
Internal disk layout the core dump size should be?
core dump should be 100MB
Running out of Service Console swap can lead to?
A. reboots
B. Proccesses in the Service Console bieng randomly killed.
C. Nothing
B. Proccesses in the Service Console bieng randomly killed.
You cannot have Multiple Service Console swap areas "files". True or False?
False, Multiple Service Console Swap areas are allowed.
How do you make sure that your swap file is active, you would display the contents of ________.
In general, PCI devices must be allocated for use by the Service Console and or VMKernel. They can be allocated using either the MUI or by using the command_________.
Remember that _________ is used at boot time to map physical devices to device drivers in the Service Console.
To change hostname ensure that the hostname is defined in ________.
If you change the DNS server addresses you edit /etc/resolv.conf, and a reboot is not needed. True or False?
True no restarts needed.
To apply network settings after changing Default gateway, IP address, and DNS, you will need to run the following command to reapply new network configuration.
A. ifdown eth0 ; ifup eth0
B. service network restarts
C. network down
D. A and B
D. A and B
To change the Service Console NICs speed and duplex for future boots change ________.
To examine the Service Console NICs speed and duplex examine the file in ________.
cat /proc/net/NIC_Family
To change the Service Console NICs speed and duplex dynamically us the foolwing command?
Example: mii-tool -F 100baseTx-FD
To Examine the VMKernel NICs speed and duplex examine files in _________.
To change the VMKernel NICs speed and duplex use the MUI to change the settings. True or False.
True changes will automatically be restored on reboot.
Making a device available to the VMKernel is similar to making a device available to the Service Console. Whereas the Service Console uses /etc/modules.conf to map linux device drivers to Service Console devices, The VMKernel uses /___/____/.
To list loaded drivers for the VMKernel you would use the following command.
vmkload_mod --list
It's safe to use the Service Console's ____ command on > 2 GB virtual disks.
To export a virtual disk to COW format use the following command.
A. Export ws.vmdk
B. vmkstools -e /vmimages/ws.vmdk vmfs3:ws.dsk.
C vmkstools -i /vmimages/ws.vmdk vmfs3:ws.dsk
D. none of the above.
B. vmkstools -e /vmimages/ws.vmdk vmfs3:ws.dsk.
To copy a virtual disk from one esx server to another use ______ to copy securely.
To extend a virtual disk you would use the following command?
A. vmkfstools -c 4096M VOL3:windata.dsk
B. vmkfstools -X 4096M VOL3:windata.dsk
C. extend VOL3:windata.dsk
D. none of the above
B. vmkfstools -X 4096M VOL3:windata.dsk
The VM configuration file is simply a text file describing the devices and working enviroment of a virtual machine. True or False?
Set the attribute ___________ if you have a slow network between your Remote Console and the ESX Server.
keyboard.typematicMinDelay = 2000000 = 2 sec.
The _______ utilty can among other things start and stop VMs from a command line.
Service console swapping will generate I/O loads. True or False.
__________ allows you to see real-time statistics of exactly how the overall system's physical MEM and the VMKernel swap space are bieng used.
The best way to analyze the workloads of your ESX server is to look at the information in /proc/vmware rather than from using tools within the guest OS. This is because the guest OS is more susceptible to its clock drifting. Tru or False?
When Analyzing workloads the most accurate numbers will come from?
If VM's memory needs are bursty, decrease idle memory tax rate this can be changed in the MUI what do you change?
A. MemShareScanTotal
B. MemIdleTax
C. CpuBalancePeriods
D. All of the above
B. MemIdleTax
If VMs are CPU bound and RAM is plentiful, turn of page sharing on?
A. MemShareScanTotal
B. MemIdleTax
C. MemSharedScanVM
D. A & C
D. A & C
When Monitoring file systems what command will show file system fullness?
A. vdf -h
B. lsof
C. vmfs -h
d. none of the above
A. vdf -h
Because LUNs may be discontiguous ensure that DiskSupportSparseLUN is set to __.
SCSI reservation is the mechanism by which a shared LUN is locked for use by one system accessing the LUN. True or False
When making a Cluster in a SAN enviroment you must make sure that all LUNs for the cluster are on one resource group. True or False?
VMKernel can only see supported devices the device drivers are located in _________.
Whenever you contact support about VM proble run the following script which is in /.
The most frequent typs of PSODs are?
A. A general hardware proble
B. NMI ECC or parity errors
C. Specific memory errors
D. All of the above
D. All of the above