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What are VLAN's used for?
breaking up broadcast domains
What are the two types of VLAN's?
static and dynamic
What are the four steps to configuring VLAN's?
configure VLAN's; assign switch ports to VLAN's; identify VLAN's; and verify configuration
What command is used to configure VLAN's?
vlan <vlan#> name <vlan_name>
What command will show configured VLAN's?
show vlan or sh vlan
What VLAN are all switch ports assigned to by default?
What command is used to assign membership to a VLAN?
vlan-membership static <vlan#>
What command can be used to configure more than one port for VLAN membership?
there isn't one- each must be configured separately
What are the two types of links in a switched environment?
access links and trunk links
What is an access link?
a link that is part of only one VLAN
What is an access link's VLAN known as?
the port's native VLAN
What is a trunk link?
a link that can carry multiple VLAN's
What are trunk links used for?
connecting switches to other switches, routers, or servers
What kind of topology are trunk links supported on?
Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet
Are devices on access links aware of VLAN membership?
What are the two ways to identify trunk links?
Inter-Switch Link (ISL) and 802.1Q
What is a switch block?
a group of switches sharing the same VLAN information
What is a switch fabric?
the wires, processors, and ASIC's between the ports of a switch block
What is VLAN frame identification known as?
frame tagging
What is used to identify VLAN frames?
a user-defined identifier added to the header of each frame
What two names are used for a VLAN frame identifier?
VLAN ID or VLAN color
What happens when a VLAN frame exits the switch fabric?
the VLAN ID is stripped
What layer does frame tagging occur at?
the Data Link layer
Who created Inter-Switch Link?