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Fat-soluble vitamins?
DEAK. They dissolve in fat and require bile for absorption. Stored in fatty tissues and may be toxic in excess.
Water-soluble vitamins?
Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vit c, folate, b-12. They travel in the blood and are easily excreted. Less likely to be toxic.
Two types of vitamin A
preformed vit a = retinol (animal form)
provitamin vit a = beta carotene (plant form)
Function of vitamin A?
-important role in vision, it forms rhodopsin and helps formation of mucus forming cells
Vitamin A deficiency?
visual vs nonvisual. leading cause of blindness. the mucus secreting cells start producing keratin and eyes dry up. nonvisual - intestinal, lung, diarrheol infections.
Role of Vitamin D?
maintains blood calcium and thereby bone integrity. facilitates the absorption of dietary calcium and prevents excretion of calcium
Vitamin D deficiency?
rickets: softening of bones in children leading to fractures and deformity.
osteomalacia: defective bone mineralization
Role of Vitamin E?
functions as an antioxidant, protects cell membranes.
Role of Vitamin K?
essential in the formation of blood clotting factors. deficiency leads to excessive bleeding in newborns.
Function of Thiamin?
energy production, turns glucose into energy.
Thiamin deficiency?
"beriberi": affects cardiovascular, muscular, nervous system.
"wernicke-korsakoff": confusion, staggering, memory loss (alcoholism)
Niacin deficiency?
Pellagra: dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, death.
-associated with consumption of corn.
Role of Folate?
required for normal growth and division of all cells. needd for synthesis of DNA, RNA.
Deficiency of Folate?
neural tube defects (spinobifida, anencephaly) Supplements recommended for pregnant women.
Vitamin C deficiency?
Scurvy: breakdown of collagen