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Thiamin Function
Conversion pyruvate to Aco
Energy Metabolism
TCA Cycle
Muscle and Nerve Activity
Thiamin Deficiency
Malnourished and Alcoholics
BeriBeri Wet and Dry
Thiamin Food Source
Grains and Pork
Leaches into water
Riboflavin Function
Carries Hydrogen to Electron Transport Chain
Helps as Coenzyme in Energy Metabolism
Riboflavin Deficiency
Riboflavin Food Source
Milk and Milk Products and Erniched Breads and Cereals

Breaks Down from sunlight
Niacin Function
Two Co-enzyme forms
Helps in Energy Metabolism
Niacin Food Source
Grans and Meats
Niacin Toxicity
Niacin Flush
Biotin Function
Assists in Kreb Cycle by conversion of pyruvate to oxaloacetate
Nucleogenisis and fatty acid synthesis
Breakdown fatty acid and amino acids
Biotin Food Source
Egg Yolk, Liver, Soy

Note: also made in GI Tract
Biotin Deficiency
Skin Rash, Hair Loss, Nerves
B6 Toxicity
Irreversible Nerve Damage
Folate Function
Protects against Neural Tube Defects and Heart Disease
B12 Needs
Intrinisic Factor to bind with for digestion
Vitamin A Function
3 R's
Beta Carotene Precursur
Skin, Mucous Membranes, Youth Development,
Vitamin A Deficiency
xeropthallmalia death

Children Most Likely