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What are the two layers of the retina?
Pigmented retina (outer) and sensory retina (inner)
Why is the eye more sensitive to light in the dark?
Because more rhodopsin is produced
What is rhodopsin broken down into in the light?
Vitamin A
What happens to the pupils in bright light? What happens to pupils in dim light?
constrict in bright light, dialate in dim light.
What is the name for the area through which blood vessels enter the eye and where sensory nerve processes from sensory retina meet and exit from eye?
Optic disk (blind spot)
The anterior compartment of they eye is filled with what?
aqueous humor
Where is the anterior chamber of the anterior compartment of the eye located?
between the cornea and iris
Where is the posterior chamber of the anterior compartment of the eye located?
between the iris and the lense.