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The _____ is the portion of space which is visible when gaze is fixed in one direction.
visual field
______ is the measurement of the visual field.
Can perimetry help you find the location of a brain lesion?
yes (based on the pattern of visual field loss)
Perimetry is a ______ test.
Name 6 tests that are neurological.
1- VA
2- EOM
3- cover test
4- pupils
5- confrontational fields
6- perimetry
VA mearsures _____ function.
Visual field measures _______ function.
Visual fields use _________. (must detect the presence of a spot of light against a slightly darker background.
contrast sensitivity
Decribe a normal visual field.
It is a distorted "radar scope" picture extending in all directions.
What 4 features make the normal visual field slightly distorted?
1- nose
2- brow
3- cheeks
4- lips
What are the 4 limits (in degrees)?
1- Nasal=60
2- Temporal = 100
3- superior= 60
4- inferior= 75
Is it possible for a patient to not really notice a visual field defect.
In the lsland of vision, what does the height measures ______.
contrast sensitivity
Every point on the landscape of the island corresponds to a _________.
spot on the retina
Are you very sensitive at the edge of the lsland?
What does cecal mean?
around the optic nerve
The pit of the island represents the ____.
Who invented the island of vision?
The fovea responds of a ___ stimulus and a ____ stimulus.
dim and small
The peripheral retina requires a ___ and ___ stimulus.
bright large
The fovea has a ___ contrast sensitivity.
The peripheral retina perfers _____ contrast sensitivity.
The pit of the island is located ___ degrees from fixation and ___ degrees below the horizontal meridian.
15.5, 1.5
In ___ perimetry the target moves and the stimulus remains ____.
kinetic, constant
In ____ perimetry the target is ____ and the stimulus ____.
stationary, varies
What is an example of static perimetry?
finger counting
In kinetic perimetry, the target will move but the ___ and ____ remains fixed.
brightness, size
What does the result of kinetic perimetry represent?
Kinetic perimetry produces a _____ image. This is called an ______.
2D, Isopter
In the isopter: the lines are of equal ________.
contrast sensitivity
You must get mulitple ____ to get a full 3D picture.
In static perimetry the target in stationary but the _____ varies.
Does static perimetry represent the threshold for the stimulus?
yes (so does kinetic)
Joining the threshold points from the static perimetry produces a ______ picture.
Manual visual fields are _____ automated.
Field limits are an example of ______ perimetry.
Visual field defects are characterized by (name 4 things).
1- shape/pattern
2- position with regard to fixation
3- position with regard to retinal anatomy
4- depressions/margins
What are 4 defects with regard to shape.
1- arcuate
2- ring
3- oval
4- round
What are 3 defects with regard to pattern.
1- hemianopsia
2- quadrantanopsia
3- altitudinal
Hemianopsia respects the ____ meridian.
altitudinal repects the ____ meridian.
______ means that the patterns in the visual field are not symmetric.