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What is a block of statements that begins with a declaration statement and concludes with an End Statement
A procedure
This is a methodology whereby long programs are divided into numerous small procedures that are based on logical activities.
modular programming
A value passed from the calling code to the procedure.
An argument
A variable listed in the formal procedure declaration that receives the argument.
A prarameter
A procedure cantaining code that is executed in response to an event. When the event is raised, the code within the event handler is executed.
An event procedure
What are the two parameters that each event handler provides?
first, sender, provides a reference to the object that raised the event.
Second is an object whose type depends on the event that is being handled.
The sender and e parameters have ByVal in front of them. What does ByVal mean?
The default convention for passing arguments to a parmenter is the Byval. This means the parameter will be a local copy of the argument. than any change to the parameter within the procedure will not affect the value of the passing argument.
What does it mean if you declared a parameter as ByRef?
The parameter will be a pointer to the actual argument. Any change to the parameter also changes the actual argument.. You can use ByRef when you want the parameter to pass back information to the calling code. An accidental change to the parameter will have a corresponding unplanned change to the value of the argument.
What does the keyword Private at the beginning of an event procedure mean?
Private is an accessibility type that specifies what other solution code can access the procedure. Private is the default and is the safest and most common accessibility.
What happen if you double-click on a conntrol in the form designer window?
Visual Studio takes you to the contol's default event procedure in the Code Editor window. the default even for a Button control is the click event.
What is a sub procedure (sub routine)
It contains developer code to perform a logical action. It breaks a large solution into smaller parts.
What is a return value?
The value a function sends back to the calling program.
What is the return statement used for?
To return a value fromm a function and return control back to the code that called the fuunction.
What is a function procedure (or function)?
It is identical to sub procedure except that a function returns a value.
What does Coupling refer to?
The level of interdependency between procedures. When procedures reference module or global variables, they have high couplig with the outside environment (which is bad). Using parameters to get data into and out of a procedure produces low coupling, which is good design andsupports code reuse.
What is Cohesion?
It is the level of uniformity within a procedure. A procedure has high cohesion (which is good) when it does ony a signle, precise task, shuch as Print, calculate, or Update. A high cohesion procedure will be simpler to understand because it has to do only a signle task. Low cohesion procedures perform many tasks, which is bad design and can mamke the solution logic difficult to read, understand, and maintain
What is scope?
The region of code in which that variable may be directly referenced; it is determed by where youu place the declaration and what keywords you use to declare it.
What is local scope?
A varible declared inside a procedure. Local variable can only be referenced within the defining rocedure--they are unavailable outside of the procedure block in which they weere declared.
What is Module scope?
It is declared at the module level outside of any procedure. The space at the top of the Code Editor above the first procedure is often called the General Declaration Section. Module level variable are typically denoted by adding a lowerrcase m to the beginning of the variable name.
What is an array
It is a variable that holds multiple values.
What are the values stored in the array called?
The unique number that distinquishes each element in an array is called __
An index
What is the last element of the array called?
the upperbound and can be obtained by the UBound function.
What is ReDim?
When you change the size of an array after you already declared it.
What is a control array?
An array of Window Form controls such as text boxes, labels, or buttons. Control arrays allow a developer to write a small amount of code that affect a potentially large number of Gui elements.