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What is ActiveX?
Microsoft's specification for reusable software components. ActiveX is based on COM, the Component Object Model. The basic idea is to define exactly how software components interact and interoperate so developers can create components that work together using the definition.
A developer designing a application against a interface can avoid what problem?
Creating dependencies on class definitions.
What does COM use to make sure componets don't clash?
A ID called a GUID, or Globally Unique IDentifier and they're calculated by compilers and other development software using a special algorithm.
What is the file OLE32.dll?
It is the main DLL that exposes COM's core library of functions.
What where Active X componets originally called?
OLE Servers
If your server programs needs to communicate on other machines (possible different OS's) you must use what?
Active X EXE
What does the word register mean in relation to a DLL?
It means the system knows how to find it when an application creates an object using the DLL's ProgID. When a DLL is compiled, Visual Basic automatically registers it on that machine for you. COM depends on the Windows registry and requires all COM components to store or 'register') information about themselves in the registry before they can be used. A unique ID is used for different components to make certain they don't clash.
Each coClass has a GUID called what?
class id (CLSID)
What is a Automation controller?
It is a standard way to make a software object available through a defined set of interfaces. This is a great idea because the object is available to any language that follows the standard methods. The standard used in Microsoft (and therefore VB) architecture is called OLE automation. It allows an application to use the objects belonging to another application.
Interfaces promote what Object Oriented principle?
What is a process?
It refers to a program that is currently executing, or "running" on a computer.
What is the Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) used for?
It is a middleware product that enables asynchronous communications between applications. The client can send messages to the server even if it is not running.
This OO principle allows a client to treat different objects in the same way, even if they where created from different classes and exibit different behaviors.
How are COM coclasses and interfaces indentified?
By a 128-bit integer called globally unique identifer(GUID)
When setting up and interface using a ActiveX EXE or ActiveX DLL you set the instancing property to what?
What is another term used in place of GUID?
Universally Unique Identifiers
In order to be useful a interface must do what?
Must be implemented by one or more classes.
Each COM interface has a GUID called what?
An interface id (IID)
Interface-based programming is based on a form of inheritance known as what?
interface inheritance
What is IIS Application?
A new enhancement to Visual Basic 6.0 added to the IDE which makes it easy for web programmers to write there application in Visual Basic Code rather then VB Script or Java Script in a ASP application.
What does MSMQ stand for?
Microsoft Message Queue
How would you check if a object dog implements a IWonderDog interface?
Use typeof
If TypeOf Dog is IWonderDog then .....
Interface-based programming was was pioneered in what lanuages?
C++ and Smalltalk
Before COM how where applications built?
They where built by sending hundreds or possible thousands of source files together to a compiler in a single batch job to build when executable file.
When using a ActiveX EXE how do you load a form?
You MUST add a standard module with a Sub Main and have the Sub Main load the form.
The COM libary supplies what to create GUID's?
A function called CoCreateID
What are three characteristics of good long lasting software?
What is XML?
It allows designers to create their own customized 'markup tags' for information. This makes it possible to define, transmit, validate, and interpret information between applications with greater flexibility and accuracy.
COM's distributed characteristics are based on what?
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
What is the term for a distinct data type that defines a set of public methods without including implementation?
What is the main DLL that exposes COM's core library of functions called?
If your business rules keep changing a class will need to change as well. This creates the need for what?
entensible objects
If your program on the server does nothing but serve set it up as what?
Active X DLL
Programming with COM is the same if you are building an in-process server or a out-of-process server. This feature is known as what?
location transparency
How can programmers access MSMQ?
Through a series of COM interfaces.
What is marshaling?
The communication sytem to send ActiveX EXE Data between programs and machines.
If your program is used mainly for another task but can be used in your application set it up as what?
Active X EXE
You can achieve the benefits of interface based programming by following three steps what are they?
1) Define a interface
2) Implement the interface in one or more created classes
3)Use a interface reference in a client to communicate with objects.
What is the term used when refering to the remoting facilities of COM?
Distributed COM or DCOM.
A object exposes its methods and properties through what?
Its public interface
The concept in COM that formalizes the separation of interface from inplementation is known as what?
What part of OOP is not available with COM?
implemenation inheritance