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In the context of OOP, the Form window is an instance of Visual Basic's ______class.
In the context of OOP, each tool in the toolbox is a ______, a pattern from which one or more objects are created.
In Visual Basic, the ____ property controls the text displayed in the form's title bar.
When writing Visual Basic code, you use the object's ____ to refer to the object.
Objects placed on a form are called ____.
To save a form and a project under a new name, ____.
save the form first, then save the project
In Windows applications, ____ perform an immediate action when clicked.
command buttons
Clicking, double-clicking, and scrolling are called ____.
You tell an object how to respond when clicked, double-clicked, and so on by writing a(n) ____.
event procedure
Visual Basic instructions are processed in the order in which they appear in the Code window. This is referred to as the ____ structure.
English-like statements that represent the steps an object needs to take in order to perform a task are called ____.
You can use a ____ chart to plan a Visual Basic application.
The first step in planning an OOED application is to ____.
identify the tasks the application needs to perform.
When identifying an application's tasks, which of the following questions is not important?
In what order will the TOE chart tasks be listed?
You use a ____ to perform an action immediately after it is clicked by the user.
command button
Command buttons in an interface should be ____ of the screen.
either stacked in the upper-right or lower-right corner or centered along the bottom
The recommended maximum number of command buttons in an interface is ____.
The most commonly used command button should be placed ____.
first in the group of command buttons
Related controls should be grouped together using a ____.
Information in a user interface should flow ____.
horizontally or vertically
The most important information in an interface should be located in the ____ corner.
Command button captions should be ____.
on one line, from one to three words only, and entered in book title capitalization.
Except for the captions inside command buttons, identifying labels in an interface should be ____.
typed with a colon (:) at the end
When selecting fonts for the user interface, you should NOT ____.
use a serif font for the text
Which assignment statement will hide a cmdCalc control?
cmdCalc.Visible = False
The period between form and object in an assignment statement, as well as the period between object and property, is called the ____.
dot member selection operator
The dot member selection operator indicates that what appears to the right of the dot is a ____ of what appears to the left of the dot.
To document a program internally, place a(n) ____ before the statement you want Visual Basic to treat as a comment.
apostrophe (')
A string is a group of characters enclosed in ____.
quotation marks (")
To clear the contents of a text box, assign a zero-length string to its ____ property.
Multiplication has the same precedence number as ____.
You can use the ____ function to tell Visual Basic to treat a character string as a number.
A(n) ____ is a predefined procedure that results in a value.
Which of the following tells Visual Basic to treat the contents of the txtNum control as a number instead of as a string?
If you don't assign a specific data type to a variable, Visual Basic assigns the ____ data type to it.
When a variable will store money amounts, where you need accuracy to the penny, you should declare the variable as ____.
A(n) ____ is a whole number.
In the context of OOP, each data type is a ____, which means that each data type is a pattern from which one or more objects can be created.
Which of the following is NOT a valid name for a variable?
Variable names must begin with ____.
a letter
Giving a beginning value to a variable is called ____.
The Dim statement initializes Integer type variables to ____.
0 (zero)
Use the ____ statement to declare a local variable.
A variable's ____ indicates which procedures in the application can use the variable.
A(n) ____ variable can be used only by the event procedure in which it is declared.
You enter the Option Explicit statement in the form's ____.
General Declarations section
A variable that is declared in a code module’s General declarations section is called a(n) ____ variable.
You use the ____ statement in the General Declarations section of a code module to create, or declare, a global variable.
When you declare a variable in an event procedure, ____ can use the variable.
only that event procedure
A(n) ____ variable must be declared in a form's General Declarations section.
The ____ statement tells Visual Basic to warn you if you use the name of an undeclared variable in your code.
Option Explicit
A variable that is declared in the form's General Declarations section is called a(n) ____ variable.
A variable that is declared in an event procedure is called a(n) ____ variable.
When you declare a variable in the form's General Declarations section, ____ can use the variable.
all procedures in both the form and its controls
When using variables in an application, it is good programming practice to include the ____ statement so that Visual Basic warns you if you use an undeclared variable.
Option Explicit
The Val function returns a number of the ____ data type.
A ____ form is a form that does not require the user to take any action before the focus can switch to another form or dialog box, or before subsequent code is executed.
Visual Basic’s Open Project dialog box is an example of a ____ form.
A ____ form requires the user to take some action before the focus can switch to another form or dialog box, or before any subsequent code can be executed.
To delete a control that contains code, you should select the control,
remove the code from the Code window(s), then press the Delete key.