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Where does does a active x dll execute?
Within the main programs address space.
What is a disadvantage of early binding?
More restrictions on DLL compatibility. If you add a new public method to a class the main program will not know about that method.
What does publicNotCreateable mean in relation to activeX objects?
The main program can use this type of class but cannot create new instances using the New keyword or with CreateObject.
The six objects and methods of EOM are what?
1)Core objects
2)Form manipulation
3)Event Response
3)Add-In Management
4)Project and componet manipulation
5)Code manipulation
When working with a Active X object the main program can work only with what?
Members declared as public
When using a interface how would I declare a class named clsData the implements IData?
Dim clsData as IData
What is faster a ActiveX DLL or a ActiveX EXE?
ActiveX DLL
What is a OCA file?
A binary file that functions as both and extended type libary file and a cache for the custom control.
Why are ActiveX EXE's sometimes useful.
They can run on a different computer then the main program.
When you try instance a class that in no longer compatible what error message will you get?
Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface.
Between a ActiveX DLL or a ActiveX EXE what is ussually prefered?
A dll
For every custom control file (OCX) there is and accompanying what?
.OCA file of the same filename
Where is and ActiveX EXE run?
It runs in a seperate process.
What is polymorphism?
The idea that many classes can provide the same property or method, without having to worry what type of class it is.
What does the function Trim do?
Removes leading and trailing spaces from string
How would you acomplish early binding in a application.
Go to projects and then select references. Find the object you want to bind to.
With the Winsock control after you set what port we want to tell Winsock to do what?
Make it so Winsock waits for a connection. The syntax is WindSock.listen
What are the advantages of early binding?
1) You can use intellisense

2)It is faster
With a VB message box what icon constants can you use?
When you use late bound objects you declare them how?
As object
What happens when you pass ByVal?
Visual Basic passes a copy of the variable to the procedure. The procedure gets the value but any changes it makes will not affect the original variable.
What do interfaces provide?
The provide a template for classes, which forces any classes that use the Interface to have the same properties and methods as the interface.
What is the function STR used for?
Returns a number converted to a string.
When you bind your Active X DLL or Active X EXE at runtime it is know as what?
Late binding
What is the Instr function used for?
Locates a substring in another string.
In a class the implements a interface all procedures and properties are declared as what?
In the string ABABABAB if you wanted to remove all the a's and print it to the debug window what would you do?
debug.print _
Replace ("ABABABAB"), "A", "")
Any class that uses an Interface must provide what?
They must provide the methods and properties the interface has.
What does the Extensibility Object Model (EOM) consist of?
It consists of six loosly coupled packages of objects with methods that implement key services of the VB object model.
How does Visual Basic and COM provide polymorphism?
by using interfaces, which are basically templates.
What is the function Asc used for?
Returns ASCII or ANSI code of a character.
How do you create a interface in Visual Basic?
You simply create a new class with all the properties and methods you want, leaving the actual procedures blank.
When using the Winsock control the first thing we must do after adding it to the form is what?
Set the port. ex WinSock.localport = 3343
What is the function Chr used for?
Character corresponding to a given ASCII or ANSI code.
What control can you use with Visual Basic to allow you to communicate across the internet or network.
Winsock Control
What is the RND function used for?
Returns a random number.
The Winsock control can be run under two modes what are they?
1) TCP
2) UDP
How do you accept a connection request to the winsock control?
In the Winsocket_ConnectionRequest event you must
1) Winsock.close
2) Winsock.Accept requestid (value passed in)
What kind of constant can't you have in a class module?
A public constant
When getting the value from a procedure or function parameter you can do it more then one way. What are they?
What is the Multiuse of the instancing property of a DLL used for?
Can be created as a new object in another project. Class is loaded when first used.
What is the Now function used for?
Current time and date.
What does the Abs function do?
Returns the absolute value of a number.
What keyword do you add to save a value to the registry?
How would you remove a reference to a object name objForm in your code?
set objForm = nothing
Where does the bulk of the API functions reside?
In the days of windows 3.x if you wanted to save any application setting it would have to be done how?
In a INI file.
What section of the registry are VB created preferences saved to?
When you pass ByRef what happens?
VB passes a pointer to the procedure. This is a reference so that the procedure knows how to find the value in memory.
What is a type library?
Is a file or component within another file that contains OLE automation standard descriptions of exposed objects, properties, and methods.
What do we use to tell VB that we intend to put all the properties and methods necessary to expose a predefined interface?
What is the default way to get a value from a procedure or function?
What is a .frx file?
A binary file used to expose binary information for a form.
What is the Format Function used for?
Returns date or number converted to a text string.
If you declare a UDT in a form in must be declared as what?
What does the VAL function do?
Returns a numeric value of a given text string.
When creating a DLL what are the different values you can set the Instancing property to?
1) Private
2) Multiuse
3) GlobalMultiuse
What does EOM stand for?
Extensibility Object Model
What is new with API's in VB.NET.
They have been phased out
How would I make a constant value 3 = vbThree ?
Const vbThree = 3 in the general declarations section.
What is the GlobalMultiuse of the instancing property of a DLL used for?
Methods and properties can be accessed from other projects like any other VB function. Class is loaded when the project that uses it is started.
When using VB message boxes what are the button constants you can use?
What is the Extensibility Object Model (EOM) used for?
It is the ability to entend, stretch, the functionality of different development tools.
What is key in a registry?
It is the item your value is stored in.
What does the function Timer return?
Number of seconds elapsed since midnight
To get a setting already saved in the registry using VB you would use what?