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What medians can you use for painting?
Oil, Tempura, Watercolor, Fresco
What are the different approaches to printmaking?
relief / woodcut and engraving
What are the different forms of sculpture?
"full - round" and "in relief" (only visible on one side)
What are the three approaches to sculpting?
Subtraction, Addition and Substitution
What are the three elements?
Line, Shape, Mass
what are the three elements of texture?
pliability, reflectivity, feel
what are the three primary colors?
red yellow and blue
the three secondary colors?
orange, green and purple
what is value?
lightness to darkness
what is intensity?
brightness to dullness
what is myron's work?
discus thrower
describe the parthenon.
acropolis in athens, doric columns
describe the cathedral at chartres.
gothic, flying buttresses to hold up roof, mismatched steeples, stained glass windows
what is associated with van eyck?
arnolfini marraige contract
what great work is leonardo da vinci best known for and what medium did he use?
THE LAST SUPPER fresco, experimental technique, focus on christ at center.
name another great work by da vinci.
mona lisa
what three works is the sculptor, painter and architect michelangelo buonarotti best known for?
pieta, (only signed work) david, sistine chapel ceiling
what is rembrandt van rijn's work?
night watch (non traditional group portrait)
chiaroscouro (light and shadow)
3 may 1808, political, dark, empathy for villagers
what is realism?
everyday life, contemporary subjects, unprejudiced
what is impressionism?
passing natural moments of light and color
who are two famous impressionists?
monet, renoir
what technique did seurat use?
pointillism (Sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte
who is cezanne?
father of modern art
what is van gogh's famous painting?
starry night, thick paint
what did rodin sculpt?
thinker, balzac. used substitution.
who are three of the most famous women artists?
cassatt, o'keeffe, kahlo
what works did picasso create?
demoiselles d'avignon / cubism

guernica / bull fighting
surrealism / subconscious / PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY
what type of art did pollock create?
abstract expressionism / dripping paint
who were two great pop artists?
lichtenstein and warhol
frank lloyd wright created...
FALLING WATER... used manmade and natural materials