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What can you use to measure the length of a room?
a tape measure
What do you use to cut a piece of wood? (It is not electric.)
a saw
This is where you plug in an electric tool.
an outlet
You use this when your outlet is too far away for your power cord to reach.
an extension cord
What can you use to hold the wood inplace while you cut it?
a clamp
You use this to tighten a bolt.
a wrench
What do you use to hit a nail into wood.
a hammer
You use a hammer to pound this into wood or a wall.
a nail
This is a small axe.
a hatchet
You use this to chop down a tree.
an axe
These are electric tools.
power tools
Where do you store your tools?
in a toolbox
This power tool puts screws into wood or a wall.
a drill
This tool puts screws into wood or a wall. (It is not electric.)
a screwdriver
This round saw is electric.
a circular saw