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What problems can arise from Visual impairments?
Eye-hand coordination
poor Gross and Fine motor
Sensory defensiveness
Vestibular deficiency
reduced exploration, thus reduced mvmnt
What are undetected Visual problems?
Doesn't focus on face/toy
Holds items closed to face
Poor Gross/Fine skills
Closes one eye to focus
Tilts head
Performs poorly in school
Why is Visual perception important in handwriting?
-To perceive the organization of letters and spacing
-to know where to start writing
-how to sequence letters and space words
-know that size of letter doesn't chg meaning
What does VISUAL MEMORY do?
Ability to remember shape or word, how to write the words and string them together and develop paragraphs
What does FORM CONSTANCY do?
ability to realize that forms, letters and numbers are the same when moved, turned, or changed in size
What SEQUENTIAL MEMORY do for writing?
Ability to remember a sequence of letters to form a word
What does FIGURE GROUND do in handwriting?
Ability to distinguish letters from lines on paper
What does VISUAL CLOSURE do in handwriting?
Ability to mentally finish the image, like when the letter is not completely formed.