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All of the Hepatitis Viruses are RNA except:
Hepatitis B: DNA virus, note: Hepatitis D: - RNA
Which of the Hepatitis viruses has oncogenic potential?
Hepatits B and C
What forms of hepatitis have an oral fecal mode of transmission
Hepatitis A and E
Hep E - causes water borne epidemics
Which hepatitis virus is associated with a high fatality rate in pregnant women?
Hepatitis E
What food is Hepatitis A especially associated with?
Which hepatitis virus is associated with the highest incidence of acute hepatitis in the United States?
Hepatitis A
Which of the hepatitis viruses commonly found in the United States has the shortest incubation period?
Hepatitis A
A = 2-6 wks
E = 3-6 wks
D = 3-13 wks
B = 8-24 wks
C = 2-52 wks
What hepatitis agents is associated with chronic infections in neonates, but infections tend to be acute when acquired later in life?
Hepatitis B
What forms of Hepatitis exhibit a carrier state?
Hepatitis B C D
What forms of Hepatitis are transmitted parenterally or sexually?
Hepatitis B C D
What is the virion enzyme that does reverse transcription in hepatitis B?
DNA Dependent DNA Polymerase
What symptoms usually assoc. w/ hepatitis C?
Hep C= Chronic / Cirrhosis / Carcinoma / Carriers
What is unique about hepatitis D?
Dependent on Hep B for infect
What forms of viral hepatitis lead to a chronic problem?
Hepatitis B and C
What is a Dane particle?
Infectious Hepatitis B Virus
What is the meaning of the following Hepatitis B Markers:
HBsAg: suface antigen- found in acute dz, if present >6mnths chronic infec
HBsAb: Ab to surface Ag- provides immunity to HBV
HBcAg: HBV core antigen
HBcAb: antibody to HBV core antigen, FIRST antibody to appear(IgM)
HBeAg: core antigen that indicates active viral production
HBeAb: antibody to core antigen