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Severe hemorhagic fever
Eboli & marburg
Server hemorhage and renal failure
Infection associated with shellfish
Hepatitis A
Simultaneous babules and vesicles
Varcilla( vcb)
Group of virus transmitted by mosquito à encephalitis
Alpha viruses (EEE,VEE, and WEE)
Tetrogenic virus that leads to congenital defect of brain heart, and eye.
Lower respiratory tract infections in infacts
Respiratory syncitial virus
Causes cranbary pigmented leasons in aids pateins (Kaposi sarcoma)
Herpes virus 8
most common cause of lesion of penis or vigina
Herpes simplex virus type 2
Leading cause of sporadic encephalitis in the US
Herpes simplex virus type 1
Infection results in cowdry type A inclusions
Herpes simplex 1
Infection causes cawly flower like in external genetilia and perianal area
Human papilomma virus
Only panyavirus causing disease endemic to the united states
California encephalitis
Group of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitos and ticks
Arbovirus – (flavi, bunya, and togya)
Infection results in the production of hetrophile antibodies
Epstein barr
hetrophile positive is EPV
Hetrophile negative
Cytomegalovirus ??
Replication deficient virus Requires hepatitis B for production
Hep. D
Infection is associated with high mortality rate of infected women
Hep. E
Associated with Reyes syndrome
Varcilla zoster virus (??)
Causes chicken pox and shingles
Varcilla zoster.
Infection of keratinized tissue causes warts
Human papilloma virus
“B19” , 5th disease
Only DNA virus that replicates in the cytoplasm
- Parvovirus B19
Guarnieri inclusion bodies
DNA viruses that encodes RNA dependant DNA polymerase
Major cause of sexually transmitted and vertically tranmitted hepatitis
Hepatitis B
Appear in serum as dense particles
Hepatitis B
Destruction Anterior horn of spinal cord
Hepatitis B virus
Found as contaminated of preparation of polio vaccines produce in monkey cell culture
Leading cause of croup
Parking cough, subglutal inflammation
Parainfluenza virus
Infection of pancreas à diabetes
Causes Pleurodynia – Bornholm disease
Coxsakievirus B3 and B4
Major cause of upper respriator tract in humans
Coxakie B
Major agent of epidemic gastroenteritis in adults
Major cause of hepatocellular Carcinoma
Norwalk – Calicivirus
Infection lead to premalignant leasons on vulva, cervix , penis and anus
Hepatitis B
Infection associated with Burkitt lymphoma nad nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Most common cause of congentil abnormalities
- E6, E7 inhibits P53
Major cause of post transfusion hepatitis
Immunocomprimised patients à progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
CMV – cytomegalovirus
Giant cell pneumonia and encephalomyelitis are potential complications
Hepatitis C virus
Infection leads to immunomediated mucopapular rash on head, trunk and limbs
JC virus
Coplic spots
Measles virus
Infection can result orchitis
Measles virus
Infection results in swelling of one or both parotid gland
Associated with symptoms of sympathetic over-reactivity (salivation)
Major cause of epidemic congectivitus,(pinkeye)
Infection causes rosioli and 6th disease
Changes in viral surface protein resulting in point mutation, reassortment of genome segments reluti n epidemics and pandemincs
Rabbies varies
Major viral cause of pneumonia and infection tipically predospes to secondary bacterial pneumonia.
Infection has been associated with subacute sclerosing panencephaltis (SSPE)
Herpes virus 6
Aplastic crisisn in panteints with sickle cell anemia
Influenza virus
Contagous virus à umbilicated nodules
Influenza virus
Major cause of infectous mononucleosis (kissing disease)
Measles virus
Major cause of retinitis à blinness in immuno-comprimised patients
Parvovirus B19
Infection associated with an aversion to water, vomiting at the mouth and chocking(hydrophobia
Molluscum contagiosum
Negri bodies
Epstein-Barr virus
Only virus in which post exposure vaccine is indicated
Cytomegalovirus (
Infection of this virus à leading cause of corneal blindness in united states
Rabbies virus
Treatment with salicylates for this virua cause of respiratory symptoms may result in Reye syndrome in children
Rabies virus
Arbovirus that à server hepatitis with jaundice and serve gastrointestinal memorrhage wth black vomin
Rabies viurs
Newly emerging mosquito-borne encephalitis à can be transmitted via blood transfuaitons and organt translplants à life-threatning to elderly and immunosuppresed patients q
Herpis virus simplex 1
Causes herpangina
Most common cause of viral myocarditis
Yellow fever virus
Retrovirus that causes oncogenic tranformatino of CD4 T cells
West nile virus
Virion contains to identical stands of positive RNA
Virus binds to cd 4 cells via viral glycoprotein gp 120
Coxsackie B virus
Infection leads to the desructio nf t cells with developemt of life threating opportunistic.
Human T-Cell lymphotropic virus-1 HTLV-1
Major cuase diarrhea gastroenteritis in young children.