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It would be worse than a nuclear explosion if terrorists got a hold of what?
smallpox virus
What is so special about smallpox?
No disease has been more lethal
Only disease to ever be erased from planet
How fast did smallpox usually kill you?
3-5 days
90% of natives died from what?
conquistadors smallpox spread...tsk tsk
What innoculation happened in China?
Took smallpox scabs, and they would make the patient put the up their nose
What are some symptoms of smallpox?
fever, boils, weakness, pus, blood poisoning, hemorraging in intestines or lungs, heart failure
What virus was used for the first vaccine made for smallpox?
what are some symptoms of ebola?
fever, headache, nausea, black vomit, bloody diarrhea, skin discolored, skin tears, basically eating flesh from inside out, face muscles freeze
how many people die from ebola?
8 out of 10
Where did ebola originate?
monkeys in Virginia *didn't affect us*
define index case?
first person infected with virus
Why was ebola so hard to contain?
virus is still infectious for decades plus.
corpses are still infectious, leak fluid filled w/ virus particles
what is the weakness of ebola?
kills too quickly
what are the symptoms of the hanta virus?
attacks lungs, fills w/ fluid
what percent of victims does the hanta virus kill?
Where does the hanta virus originate?
deer mouse's gut, comes out through feces and urine
how many states have been affected by the hanta virus?
What is Dengue Fever also called?
"break bone fever"
What are some symptoms of Dengue fever?
headaches, fever, vomiting
What transfers Dengue fever?
Having dengue fever causes you to be more what to other strands of dengue fever?
susceptible because ur body doesnt make antibodies for it
what other virus belongs in the family of the dengue fever?
How is the dengue fever spread?
possibly thru blood and fluids, but unknown