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What does 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BUdR) do
It inhibits the replication of DNA-containing viruses but not RNA-containing viruses
How is the presence of a lipid-containing envelope detected in the lab
The virus is treated with chloroform, which inactivates enveloped viruses
What virus is associated with Acute respiratory disease (ARD), pneumonia, pharyngeal conjunctival fever, and keratoconjunctivitis
What viruses are associated with Acute febrile illness, Encephalitis, and aseptic meningitis
Arboviruses. Know that Eastern and Western Equine and St. Louis Encephalitis viruses are rarely isolated from the living patient
What virus is associated with Interstitial pneumonitis, atypical lymphocytosis, hepatitis, viremia, and congenital infection
What viruses are associated with poliomyelitis, aseptic meningitis, pleurodynia (Bornholm disease), myocarditis, pericarditis, herpangina, and nonspecific febrile illness
What viruses are associated with gingivostomatitis, vulvovaginitis, keratoconjunctivitis, eczema herpeticum, encephalitis, adult aseptic meningitis, and neonatal meningitis
What viruses are associated with pharyngitis, croup, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, upper respiratory illness (URI) and mumps
What virus can cause croup, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia
RSV. Note that Parainfluenza typically causes croup
Which viruses are BUdR sensitive and larger than 100nm
Pox and Herpes viruses
Which viruses are BUdR sensitive and between 50-100nm
Which viruses are BUdR sensitive and smaller than 50 nm
Parvoviruses, Papova viruses, and Hepatitis B
What enveloped DNA virus is not senstive to treatment with chloroform or ether
What are some common viruses that affect the respiratory system
HSV,CMV, Adenovirus, Enterovirus, Influenza, Parainfluenza, Mumps, RSV
What are 5 viruses that cause maculopapular rash
Adenovirus, Enterovirus, Rubella, Parainfluenza virus, RSV,
What are three viruses that cause vesicular rash
Herpes Simplex, Varicella zoster, Coxsackie A
What are three viruses that cause aseptic meningitis and encephalitis
Herpes simplex, Enteroviruses, Mumps
What are three viruses that cause congential disease
Herpes simplex, CMV, Rubella
What are two viruses that cause ocular disease
Herpes simplex, Adenovirus