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Federal government's plan to reform and rebuild the South and readmit Southern States to the Union
American frontier fighter who captured forts in the west that allowed U.S. to claim area after the Revolutionary War
George Rogers Clark
Englishman who became a member of governor's council; opposed governor and led anti-Indian rebellion; marched on and destroyed Jamestown
Nathaniel Bacon
Laws passed by Southern states after Reconstruction to separate races in restaurants, etc.
Jim Crow Laws
Lower house of U.S. Congress
House of Representatives
Governing body of American colonies during Revolutionary War
Continental Congress
Forms the western boundary of Virginia, known for coal
Allegheny Plateau
Easternmost region in Virginia, includes the Eastern Shore, known as a coastal plain,known for seafood and fishing industries
Tidewater Region
known for apples and poultry, Shenandoah Valley
Ridge and Valley
Committees created throughout the colonies to share news about anti-British activities
Committees of Correspondence