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Part of Virginia's first constitution (1776); listed rights people should posses
Virginia Declaration of Rights
County building west of Richmond; famous as the place where General Lee surrendered to General Grant ending the Civil War
Appomattox Court House
Virginia statesman; 4th President and author of the Virginia Plan; known as the "Father of the Constitution"
James Madison
Leader of the second Roanoke expedition; returned to England to get supplies
John White
Governor of Virginia who led an expedition to explore the western frontier; claimed the Shenandoah Valley for King George I
Alexander Spotswood
King of England who ruled from 1603-1625. Jamestown was named for him. In 1624 he revoked Virginia's charter and made it a royal colony
James I
Brother of George Rogers Clark; led expedition to explore Lousiana Territory with Meriwether Lewis
William Clark
Governing body in Va. colony and legislative branch of government in the state of Virginia
General Assembly
1765 Act passed by British Parliament taxing all publications and legal papers produced in the American colonies
Stamp Act
Virginian inventor; developed the reaping machine in 1831
Cyrus McCormick
1776 Declaration in which colonists claimed they were free of British rule
Declaration of Independence
Someone chosen to represent the interests of a group