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period followinf civil war in which congress passed laws designed to rebuild the country and bring the southern states back into the union
Freedmen's Bureau
a gov't agnecy created in 1865 that provided, food, schools and medical care for freed slaves and oters in the south
freed slaves who could not afford to buy land rented land from a landowner by promising to pay the owner with a share of the crop when harvested
virginia's problems during reconstruction
millions of freed slaves need food, housing. clothing, jobs
Va economy in ruins: money had no value, banks were closed, railroads, bridges, plantations, and crops were destroyed
No Gov't in longer part of the USA
13th amendment
Emancipation Proclamation
abolished slavery
14th amendment
protected the rights of all no matter their skin color
gave black men the right to vote
African American rights
slowly taken away as laws were passed after reconstruction
separation of people usually by race or religion
Jim Crow Laws
laws passed by wouthern states afer reconstruction that established segregation or separation of races

-difficult to vote becasue of poll taxes, or voting tests
-separate drinking fountains
-separate schools, sit separately on trains, restaurants and theaters
unfair difference in the treatment of people
15th amendment
Limited who could vote
war veterans, their sons and landowners could vote-this limited the voting of african americans
important to virginia's growth
Tobacco farming and tobacco products
important va industries