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(1) look at, see, face, behold
a(d)spectus, us
m. sight appearance, vision, aspect
a(d)spicio, ere, spexi, spectus
3rd io see behold, look at
a(d)sto, are, stiti
stand (on at near, by) (+dat)
Abas, antis
m. Trojan leard, Etruscan warrior
abdo, ere, didi, ditus
3rd hide, put away, bury
abeo, ire, ii (ivi), itus
abies, etis
f. fir pine
abigo, ere, egi, actus
drive (away), force
abluo, ere, ui, utus
wash (off)
abnuo, ere, ui, utus
nod, dissent, refuse
abripio, ere, ui, reptus
carry off, snatch away
abrumpo, ere, rupi, ruptus
break off
abscessus, us
m. departue, absence
abscondo, ere, (di)di, ditus
absens, entis
absent, separated, distant
absisto, ere, stiti
cease, stop
abstineo, ere, ui, tentus
refrain, restrain
abstrudo, ere, si, sus
hide (away)
absum, esse, afui
be away, be distant, be lacking
Acamas, antis
m. Greek leaeder
accendo,m ere, cessi, cessus
approach, reach
accerso, ere, sivi, situs
summon, invite
accingo, ere, cinxi, cincuts
grid (on), equip
accumbo, ere, cubui, cubitus
recline (at) (dat)
acer, acris, acre
sharp, fierce, spiritied
acervus, i
m. heap, pile, mass
Achates, ae
m. faithful comrade of Aeneas
Acheron, ontis
m. river of Hades
Achilles, is (ei, i)
m. first amound the Greek chieftains