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1. What are the two main portals of entry that viruses can get into?

Viral infections can be 2 things, and what determines them?
respiratory and genital

Local or systemic - determined by number of tissue receptors
2. There are 4 host protection mechanisms in acute defense;

Describe effects of each
This is the 1st responce of the immune syst that blocks replication (similar to NK)
seen in incubation and prodrome

1st AB detected and see this with classic signs

see this in recovery, IgG is preferred AB in mucosal sites and long lived .5 life.(detectable after virus is gone)

Cell mediated immunity -most important in recovery from virus
3. Localized and systemic infections both have the same 2 types of infections?

sistant has two forms?
Acute and Persistant

Latent and Chronic
4. Three characteristics of persistnat viral infections?

What kind of viral infection is herpes and Hep B?
Replication causing minimal cell death
Maintenance of genetic material within host cell
Avoidance of elimination by immune system

5. Clinical Manifestations of Primary Infection With HSV-1 for kid and adult?

Remember - latent
Kid - leisons, and gingivostomatitis
Adult - whopping sore thrat, severe pharengitis

Cold sore: cluster of blisters around lip or nose
Recurrences associated with stress, UV light, other
6. Where is the key area in the body that HSV is latent AFTER it has shedding and leisons? JCV?

how will it recurr?
Latency in the ganglia, no shedding here
Latency in the kidney or CNS

Decrease in anti HSV
7. With JCV, what happens to the immune compromised person>
PML - reps in the CNS,
progressive multofocal leukoencephalopathy.
8. Definition of latent?
Examples other than HSV

reps for a little while, then does somewhere and doesn't rep at all.
Epstein Barr, cytomegaly, Polyoma

Virus is alwats replicating, individual is always infections
HIV, Hep B and C (systmeic),
Papillma (localized)
9. Examples of chronic local and systemic shedding?

Chronic local and systemic can yeld persistant shedding?
warts and HIV

10. Viral tropism is the specificity of a virus for a particular host tissue, determined in part by the interaction of viral surface structures with receptors present on the surface of the host cell. (Tissues or cells the virus reps in)
What are examples of local and systemic
local - respiratory epithelium in flu
systemic - dendridic cells in measles
epithelium, and endothemlium
11, Causes of Viral induced Cell death?
Interference with host macromolecular synthesis
Changes in membrane permeability
Release of lysosomal enzymes
Cell to cell fusion
Toxicity of viral proteins
Rupture of cell when virus exits
Viral-induced apoptosis
12. 4 mechanism of viral infections?
Type I
Eosinophilic infiltration (resp)
Type II
Antibody-mediated cell lysis (EBV)
Type III
Immune complexes, complement activation (HEP B, rubella)
Type IV
Mononuclear cell infiltration (Coxsackie)
13. What are inclusion bodies?
round, oval, or irregular-shaped extraprotein occurring in the cytoplasm and nuclei of cells of the body. Excess, and wastfull. AKA Negri body