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Tran Hung Dao
defeated the Mongols in the 13th C
father of Vietnamese guerilla warfare
created an official army
village education
each village had a teacher
high level of literacy thanks to him
no Vietnamese written language, all Chinese
Confucian relationship btwn teacher and student
New History
Vietnam has a long history of fighting off foreign invaders & that is their identity
National Creation Myth
show Vietnam over China
legitimize Vietnamese claim over mountain & coastal areas
Vietnamese way of coming to terms w/ Chinese ancestry
Hung Kings
The Kingdom Of Van Lang
first Vietnamese dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
expand southward in 200 B.C.E.
"pacification" i.e. Vietnam already belonged to China
first period of colonization of Vietnam
The Trung Sisters
establish an army of 80,000 men in 40 C.E.
liberate over 60 fortresses
semi-revolutionary & communist ideas
defeated in 43 C.E.
executed or suicide?
Trieu Tri Binh
248 C.E.
peasant woman
raises an army in the mountain areas
liberated Vietnam for 6 months
Ngo Quyen
successfully gains independence for Vietnam, 939
creates a kingdom based on the Chinese model: military, civil service, schools, imperial court.
become part of the Chinese Tributary System
Change the name of the Kingdom to Dai Viet
Quoc Tu Giam
National School
1075, Hanoi
civil service school
students have taken all the tests & all the steps towards becoming civil servants
imperial exams
Mandate of Heaven
used by dynasties to justify one taking over the other
justifies disobedience by subjects
Social Hierarchy
Merchants & Traders
Five Great Relationships
Older/younger brothers
Three Obeidences
Expansion into Champa
North needed more space
preemptive strike
better place for agriculture to develop
Port of Faifo (Hoi An)
major trade city
Catholic Churches
foreign traders: Japanese, Portugese, Chinese
Alexandre De Rhodes
Jesuit missionary
1615, makes his way into Champa (S. Vietnam)
1630, expelled from Vietnam by the emperor
creates the national language, catechism, & dictionary for Quoc Ngu
Foreign Missions of Paris
1658, by de Rhodes
establishes a mandate to send more missionaries to Asia
beginning of colonization in Asia
Quoc Ngu
hybrid characters using Chinese
Romanization of the oral language
Alexandre de Rhodes
uses Roman alphabet, French phonetics.
rejected by the elite
easier to learn, can incorporate Chinese & French terms, folk tales, etc.
reduced the gap btwn rich & poor
more literacy
dissemination of ideas
Pacification of Tonkin
Attempt to take over Tonkin.
Constant resistance.
Eventually Tonkin & Annam become part of the French protectorate
Phan Dinh Phung
traditional scholar
retreats to the mountains & builds army that attacks Catholic villages
Brother is captured by the French who offer to spare his brothers life if Phung gives himself up.
He refuses
the New History
The Mandate of Paul Doumer
economic head for the colony of Vietnam, 1897-1902
Personal tax: everyone must pay
labor tax: every male must pay 10-20 days of labor to the gov't
land tax: based on how much land is potentially able to yield
indirect taxes: goods, services, customs, etc.
monopolies: opium, salt, alcohol
all taxes had to be paid by the individual not the village
plantation economy
The Trinh Lords
warlods from N. Vietnam
Challenge the ruling Le dynasty for power
have to ally themselves with the Le to take down the Mac
Nguyen Lords
S. Vietnam
Want to take down the Trinh Lords & the Le dynasty
Ally with the Trinh & Le against the Mac
later colonize Champa
Ally w/ Catholic missionaries to get funding
1802, defeat enemies, establish dynasty
The Mac
Chinese descent
want to take over the Le dynasty
Tay Son Rebellion
popular among peasants
defeated by the Nguyen in 1802
The Nguyen Dynasty
capital becomes Hue
Champa is under Nguyen rule
Confucian style bureaucracy
Emperor Nguyen Any
Nguyen persecutions of Catholics
1833, edicts banning Christianity
priests publicly executed if they refused to renounce Christianity
attacks on Catholic villages
Vietnamese converts branded & executed
French missionaries send to Paris for help
French intervention, 1858
decided to invade Da Nang just S. of Hue
Why would they want to invade?
Not satisfied w/ opening ports
Treaty of Saigon
Gives France 6 Vietnamese provinces in S. Vietnam
Access to the Me Kong Delta
trying to avoid war w/ France
Scholars Resistance Movement
Saigon & the 6 provinces
administrators who refuse to cooperate w/ the Treaty
Claim the Nguyen don't have the Mandate of Heaven
some try to mount an armed insurrection
Others simply move back to their home villages
The French begin moving into N. Vietnam
Intending to take it all by force
Nguyen dynasty recognizes French rule in S. Vietnam
French protection in the center & N.
Signs another treaty w/ France basically handing all the country over
The French don't remove the establish order for fear of rebellion
Phan Boi Chau
Chinese style education
Family becomes anti-colonialism
Pro-armed struggle & resistance
Asked the Japanese to allow Vietnamese youth to train w/ Japanese military
Mandarinate positions weren't corrupt, just the ppl in those positions
To The East Movement
Dong Du Movement
To The East Movement
Phan Boi Chau
Looking towards the east for solutions
Japan especially.
Phan Chu Trinh
Chinese education
Monarchy & Mandarinate are the problem in Vietnamese society
Wants constitutional monarchy
Destory the Mandarinate
Tay Du Movement
To The West Movement
focuses on Western ideas for solutions
independence through education
Vietnamese need a western education in order to defeat the West
Phan Chu Trinh
Tonkin Free School, 1907
Tonkin Free School
Phan Chu Trinh
Vietnamese literature in Quoc Ngu
Vietnamese history
French history & culture
Girls allowed
allowed to operate by the french
Publish lectures & other works
funding independent of the French gov't
Chau & Poison Plot
plot to poison French officers in Tonkin
French put Chau in prison
Can't execute him, b/c he's so popular w/ the ppl
Chau goes under house arrest
Trinh & Strikes
Calling for a nationalistic movement
French shut down the Tonkin Free Schools
Founding members arrested
Trinh accused of provoking the workers & peasants to go on strike
Trinh exiled to France
Bui Quang Chieu
French education
family co-operates w/ French rule
studies in Paris becomes an agriculture engineer
Sees colonialism as a necessary evil in order for Vietnamese society to develop
La Tribune Indigene
Economic Nationalism
Access to education for all
Transferred away by the French
Assassinated in 1945 by the ICP
Constitutionalist Party
Bui Quang Chieu
Want to obtain a constitution for Vietnam
Pham Quynh
Chinese & French education
Language & literature
eventual autonomy of Vietnam will come w/ cultural development
Cultural Nationalism: develop the culture & autonomy will follow
importance of Quoc Ngu: can incorporate so many ideas, ultimate way to develop culture
Eastern Current
Executed by ICP in 1945
Students & Workers in France
Workers going to France to help w/ the war effort
Students becoming the intellectual elite
Realizing that they're not the only ones suffering under colonialism
Become aware of social hierarchy issues
Death of Phan Chu Trinh
Student mobilization: wish to attend his funeral
French refuse to allow students to attend
Students walk out of schools
Student arrests
Students expelled & barred from school
Discontented intellectuals
Student anti-colonialist movement
Bui Quang Chieu writes anti-French editorials
French Repression
Press: censored, lockdown on Quoc Ngu press
Assembly: no gatherings
Association: becoming a member of an association needed permission from the French gov't
Sanctions against students
Cao Dai
Division btwn more political & more spiritual
One group is anti-French & allies w/ the Japanese
After Communism enters Vietnam, the Cao Dai become a target & ally w/ the French
Vietnamese Nationalist Party
Vietnam Quoc Dn Dang
3 People's Principles: Nationalism, Democracy, Socialism
Founder: Nguyen Thai Hoc, French educational system
Overthrow French colonial rule
Assassination of Bazin, 1929
Yen Bay Mutiny, 1930
Assassination of Bazin
Marked the beginning of the VNQDD
Growing resentment against plantation recruiters
Yen Bay Mutiny
recruited Vietnamese military men under French officers
members of a battalion kill their French officers
Less Vietnamese soldiers, more French officers, as a result
Nguyen Thai Hoc
Founded VNDQQ, 1927
Arrested & executed publicly