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Viet Mein
orginal communist group from France
Viet Cong
communist gorillas fighting in South Vietnam, against the SV government, large part of why we were in there
Ngo Dinh Diem
president of south vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
post Gulf of Tonkin Incident (North Vietnamese bombed U.S destroyers), increased U.S involvement in the war
Tet Offensive
North Vietnam and Viet Cong launched attacks on villages in South Vietnam, on the Vietnamese New Year. The attack surprised many Americans.
Operation “Rolling Thunder”
code name of the bombing of the North Vietnamese, the first of the campaigns of bombing them
Mylai Massacre
attack on My Lai, killed lots of civilians and civilians were also tortured and raped. U.S soldiers did it.
Americans’ attitude
were okay with the war except when the news portrayed pictures and news on the war, people saw what was happening to the Vietnamese and didn't want anything to do with the war
the amount of US involvement in the Vietnam War, Kennedy put advisors, and just starting with troops, Johnson went crazy with it.
17th parallel
the line that divided North and South Vietnamese
Sticky substance that was used to clear trees but stuck on houses, and even people. The substance burned until there was nothing left of it, literally burned off people’s skin