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The countries which comprise Indochina are _______, _______, and _______.
Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
What was significant about the battle of Diem Bien Phu?
U.S. got involved in the war, France defeated by Vietnam.
The leader in S. Vietnam who was backed by the U.S.
The ___________ is the name given to the surprise attacks on major cities, towns, American military bases, and the American Embassy.
Tet Offensive
What is the signifcance of the Tet Offensive's name?
Vietnamese New Year
__________ was the first American President to send Americans to Vietnam to serve as military advisors.
What was President Kennedy's goal in Vietnam?
Name, in order, the presidents who followed JFK and who were involved in the Vietnam conflict in some way.
Johnson, Nixon, Ford
__________ was a battle which proved that the communist sympathizers could launch a massive offensive attack.
Khe Sanh
______, ________, and _______ are considered the architects of the war in Vietnam.
Dean Rusk, Robert McNamar, and McGeorge Bundy
belief that if Vietnam fell to communism, so too would the other nations of Southeast Asia
Domino Theory
chemical that strips leaves from trees and shrubs, turning farmland and forests into wasteland
Agent Orange
sustained bombing campaign against N. Vietnam by the U.S.
Operation Rolling Thunder
a guerilla army organized by Ho Chi Minh to reunify the nation
reestablished some limits on executive power
War Powers Act
the most destructive air raids of the entire Vietnam War
Christmas bombings
a plan calling for the gradual withdrawal of American tropps and for the S. Vietnamese army to assume more of the fighting
American commander in S. Vietnam
Communist leader who organized a guerilla army to fight to reunify Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
former Defense Dept. worker who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times
Daniel Ellsburg