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pericardium-lined heart
pericardiim-connected to sternum, great vessels and diaphragm. Purpose is to keep heart in stable place
Superior vena cava
top right of heart
pulmsonary vien
goes from heart to lungs on left and right side
Arotic arch
top of heart. bracioephantic, on right on left carotid, subclavian to arms internal and external jugular
in front
mediastinum regions
superior above heart, inferior everything down including, anterior, front, middle and posterior back
Superior vena cava heart pic
comes out of top of heart
Inferior Vena cava heart pic
bottom of heart
pulmonary vein pic of heart
comes in from lungs
flow of blood through heart
left old blood in from superior and infrerior vena cava then out to pulmanary artery, into left side atrium then to left ventricle and through aorta