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A two year degree.
Associate's degree
A four year degree.
Bachelor's degree
The person who keeps the records of courses taken and grade.
The Registrar
The person who helps you plan your courses.
Academic advisor
How a college divides the academic year.
By semesters
The courses you must take before you take another course.
Prerequisite or Pre-Req
A course you choose to take, but is not required.
The academic area a student chooses to study in-depth.
A copy of all courses taken and grades.
The amount of money a student pays for academic instruction.
The average of all your grades.
Grade point average or GPA
In danger of being dismissed because of low grades.
Academic Probation
A diploma for a 1 or 2 year program.
Certification or a Certificate of Completion
The number of hours assigned to a course.
Credit or Credit Hours
Full time students must take ___ hours.