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a person, group, personal entity that suffers because of illegal activities
3 types of victimization
1. physical
2. economic
3. emotional
1. objectivity
2. relatively new, since about 1960s
why study victims?
1. understand how crim occurs
2.understand what victimization is like
3.examine CJ systems interaction with victims
4.what victims do vs what CJS wants them to do
CJ system
offender oriented because it takes away liberties, only system designed to do so
money given to victim and govt.
all monetary settlements given to govt.
rediscovery of victims
1. womens rights movement
2 victims rights movement
3 civil rights movement
4 media
5 survey research
6 security industry
what is risk of crime occuring
what is the risk of being a victim
annual report to nation published by the FBI, tracks # of serious crimes reported by police/law enforcemnt during a given year
Index crimes
part I of UCR, homicide, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, larceny, auto theft, arson, burglary
part II of UCR
National crime victims survey, random sampling of 100,000 households in US asking about victimization in last 6 months
crime rate
risk of a crime occuring in neighborhood
victimization rate
risk of being a victim in a neighborhood
crime rate of 6383.3
for every 100,000 people in a arizona 6383 index crimes occured
victimization rates of 13.5
for every 1000 people age 12+ in the year 2005 13.5 were vicitms of aggravated assault
theft from a person or person in the presence(i.e. stealing from a cash register)with force or threat of force
shared responsibility
the theory that some victims had joint responsibility in their victimization either through facilitation, precipitation, or provocation, they can intentionally or unintentionally not take precautions to prevent own victimization
victim facilitation
a victim somehow makes it easier for a crime to take place, leavin door unlocked or window open
usually property crimes
victim precipitation
a situation in which a victim is partlyat fault for arousing the offenders interest or triggering an attack (i.e. waving around lots of cash)
usually applied to violent crimes
victim provocation
an act that triggers instigates or incites someone to commit an unlawful attack (violent crimes)
consequences of shared responsibility
1. offender is less guilty of rape if woman had shareed responsibility
2. solution to rape problem is for women to be more careful
secondary victimization
family friends and/or relatives of crime victims are often victims too, they often experience their own emotional problems
2ndary victimization
documented often in homicide and rape cases
response to a victim
-shut up and listen
-relate to them as person not as case
-dont minimize the crime
-what matters is what it means to the victim
victims of crime often unable to do anything because of emotional turmoil
stages of victim reactions 1
crisis stage - shock, anger, denial,depression, vulnerability, usually lasts a short period
reaction 2
intermediate- depending on crime moodswings, withdrawal, fear/anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, difficult to relate to victim
reaction 3
guilt - didnt fight back or do enough to prevent crime
reaction 4
long term- long lasting based on crime, depression, relationship troubles, maybe different person, has long lasting impact on victim.
post traumatic stress disorder
anxiety, chronic tension, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, impaired concentration due to being a victim
long term effect of being a victim
unable to personalize crime, may recollect events in the 3rd person