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Which cell type is least likely to be found on a peripheral blood smear from a dog with AIHA?
The formula
PCV X 10
RBC count

is used to calculate....
mean corpuscular volume.
Microcytic anemia is characterized by....
Very small RBCs.
Variation in the size of erythrocytes is.....
Abnormally shaped RBC are collectively referred to as...
In a CBC-, a left shift refers to....
An abundance of immature WBC. Immature forms are referred to as Bands or Stabs.
An abundance of eosinophils on a peripheral blood smear is often associated with...
Allergic conditions.
If the sealant clay fails to stay in the microPCV tube during centrifuge a likely cause is...
Worn tube cushions or gasket.
Punctate reticulocytes are most frequently found in...
Which stain is not appropriate for routine staining of blood smears?
As a minimum standard, blood cell tubes having EDTA, should be filled...
1/2 way to the top.
The most common breeding disorders seen in companion animals are related to...
Bleedding time is the best test to detect...
Platelet dysfunction
Specimens for coagulation testing should be controlled in tubes having...
Sodium citrate
name some tests for hemostasis?
1. Activated clotting time
2. Prothrombin time
3. Partial thromboplastin time
4. Bleeding times
A plasma specimen may be used for most chem assays provided that the specimen is...
Collected in a tube with lithium heparin
Name some abnormalities likely to be found in a non-separated blood sample collected for serum chem analysis?
1. Increased K+ level
2. Increased amino transferase activity3.
3.Increased P levels
4. Decreased glucose level
Which technique is most likely to prevent hemolysis during blood collection?
use small gauge(>21Ga) needle.
Serum amylase activity generally is increased in animals with...
Renal dz
Pancreatic abscess
Icteric patients usually exhibit an increase in...
serum bilirubin levels.
Total serum bilirubin reflects serum levels of...
conjugated bilirubin and unconjugated bilirubin.
Total plasma protein values in excess of 10g/dl are usually associated with...
Increased serum globulin levels.
Elevated serum creatine phosphokinase activity is usually associated with...
Muscular disease
Decreased serum cholinesterase activity often accompanies...
Organophosphate insectiside toxicity
The d-Xylose test is used as a screening test to detect...
Malabsorption syndrome
Name some methods to calculate anion gap?
Serum Na+ level
CO2 level
Potassium level
Cl level
Constituents in most serum chemistry control samples are stable for app. 7 days. Which control sample is stable for the shortest time?
The proper immersion oil for normal light microscopy is..
Type B
Name some acceptable fecal floatation solutions.
Ova of Capillaria plica are most likely to be found in...
Ova of which parasite are usually seen in the larvated form?
The parasite that appears as a punctate small rod like or ringlike structure on the periphery of RBCs in peripheral blood smears is...
Hemobartonella felis
Which method is most reliable for detection of Ehrlichioa canis infection?
Indirect fluorescent antibody test on serum.
The parasite Hemoproteus is most likely to infect the RBC of...
Microfilaria od D. immitis are often confused with those of...
Which methods are used for detection of Heartworm microfilaria?
Direct blood smear
Buffy coat
Modified knotts technique
Filtration conc. method
In which type of patient shouls cystocentesis not be performed?
Adult male cat with disease of bladder wall.
A normal colored but slightly opaque urine sample, is most likely to contain...
Many WBC or PO4 crystals
A urine specimen with a fruity odor is most likely to have...
A specific gravity reading consistent with isosthenuria is...
What is the most common cause of erroneous results from urine testing with dipsticks?
Moisture damage to the strip
What is the normal pH of canine and feline urine?
7 or less
Highly alkaline urine samples may result in false positives results when testing for...
When present in the urine, bilirubin can be broken down by...
Exposure of the specimen to light.
When present in urine, which substance can mask a positive glucose reaction on urine dipsticks?
Ascorbic acid
The urine nitrite test is based on the ability of bacteria to convert nitrate to nitrite and is a crude indicator of UTI in people. Why is this of limited use in dogs and cats?
The diets of most dogs and cats do not have sufficient nitrate to cause a positive reaction.
Squamous epithelial cells found in a urine sample usually originate from the...
genital tract