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Monroe Doctrine
No European countries can colonize in the Americas
Mayflower compact
First written constitution of the Pilgrims.
Emancipation proclamation
President Lincoln's statement freeing all slaves in the rebelling states.
Bill of Rights
First 10 Amendments guaranteeing our basic rights and freedoms.
3/5 Compromise
Settled the issue of representation in our Congress. The senate has 2 per state regardless of population and the House of Representatives are determined by state population.
Elastic Clause
Makes our Constitution flexible with the ability to change with the times.
Mercantilism is the policy of trading goods. The answer you have written is something that could go in this category, but it is not mercantilism.:)
Declaration of Independence
The government is based on the will or consent of the people.
The sharing of power between the state and federal governments.
3 levels of government
town,state, and federal
checks and balances
Each branch can watch the other to avoid any one branch from becoming too powerful.
Judicial Review
The supreme Court has the ability to declare any law unconstitutional.
Articles of Confederation
First American government, failed because the states had too much power.
Shay's rebellion
A revolt by Massachusetts farmers showed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation.
Constitutional Convention
55 Delegates met in Philadelphia to write a new Constitution.
Civil War time period
Time period following the Civil War
Radical Republicans
Group of republicans that wanted to punish the south after the civil war.
13th Amendment
Ended slavery
14th Amendment
Granted ex-slaves citizenship
15th Amendment
Granted African Americans the right to vote
An individual against the institution of slavery
Dred Scott Case
Slaves are property, not citizens
Uncle tom's cabin
Book by Harriet beecher Stowe that showed the horrors of slavery
3 sections of colonies
new england, middle, southern
breadbasket colonies
Name for the middle colonies because they exported so much grain.
A document that sets out the laws and principles of government.
Boston Massacre
shooting of five Bostonians by British soldiers on March 5, 1770
League of the Iroquois
Council of the 5 nations of the Iroquois to settle differences and promote cooperation.
Legislative branch
Our congress proposes laws
Executive Branch
Carries out the laws
Judaical Branch
Makes sure the laws are fair.