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iliocostalis (lateral)(thoracis, cervis, lumborum)
O=inf. 6 ribs; ribs 3-6; iliac crests
I=angles of ribs; transverse processes of cervical vertebrae
A=extends vertebral column; maintains erect posture
N=spinal nerves (dorsal rami)
longissimus (middle) (thoracis, cervis, capitis)
O=transverse processes of lumbar through cervical vertebrae
I=transverse processes of thoracic or cervical vertebrae
A=extends & bends vertebral column laterally; extends head & turns face toward same side
N=spinal nerves (dorsal rami)
spinalis (medial)
thoracis, cervicis)
O=spines of supper lumbar & lower thoracic vertebrae
I=spines of upper thoracic & cervical vertebrae
A=extends vertebral column; enables lat. flexion of back
N=spinal nerves (dorsal rami)
transversospinalis (multifidis)
extends spine
transversospinalis (rotatores)
rotates spine
transversospinalis (semispinalis)
extends head and spine and lateral flexes spine
quadratus lumborum
O=inferior border of 12th rib
I=apices of transverse processes of L1-4, iliolumbar ligament and posterior third of iliac crest
A=fixes 12th rib during respiration and lateral flexes trunk
N=anterior primary rami (T12-L3)
longus capitis
O=anterior tubercles of transverse proceses of C3-6
I=anterior basilar occipital bone
A=flexes cervical spine and atlanto-occipital joint
N=anterior primary rami of C1-3
longus colli
O=anterior body of T1-3, anterior tubercles of transverse processes of C3-7
I=anterior arch of atlas (C1) and bodies of C2-4
A=flexes and rotates cervical spine
N=anterior primary rami of C2-6