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refero, ferre, tuli, latus
renew, restore
sidus, eris (n)
star, weather
tendo, ere, tetendi, tentus
extend, hasten
ater, tra, trum
black, gloomy
eripio, ere, ui, reptus
snatch from, rescue
litus, oris (n)
shore, coast
vastus, a, um
imus, a, um
superl. of below
sedes, is (f)
seat, shrine
ruo, ere, i, ruitus
fall, plow
agmen, inis (n)
army, course
dictum, i (n)
word, command
talis, e
of such sort, the following
age, agite
up! come!
puppis, is (f)
stern, ship
aequor, oris (n)
sea, waves
gens, gentis (f)
clan, race
ventus, i (m)
wind, breeze
tollo, ere, sustuli, sublatus
lift, raise
fluctus, us (m)
wave, tide
ac, atque
also, as
nam, namque
for, indeed