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Versed (Midazolam) actions
short acting benzodiazepine CNS depressant, it has a beneficial amnesic effect.
onset of action for IV is about 2-3min and IM is about 15 min the effect of versed is 1-2 hours
Versed Indications
Status epilepticus
amnesic effect during uncomfortable external pacing
Sedation during cardioversion
Conscious sedation prior to or after RSI
Consider for agitated or anxious patient
Versed Precautions
Versed can cause marked respiratory depression,
patients are more sensitive if Morphine is onboard
Versed administration for generalized seizures
Seizures, .5-4mg IVover 2 min
4-8mg IM
children .1mg/kg max 2mg IV repeat as needed up to 6mg for children less than 5.
the IM dosage is .2 mg/kg up to a maximum dose of 7mg
Versed administration for sedation for Cardioversion or pacing
Adult dose is .5-4mg IV over 1-2 min
IM is 4-8 mg remember it takes 15 min to take effect IM
Versed sedation for RSI
Adult dose is 1-2 mg IVP and IM dose is 2-4
Pediatric dose is 0.1mg
Versed special notes
The most common side effect is respiratory depression.
this will happen mostly in patients that have taken other depressant drugs