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aburrirse con
to be bored with
acabar con
to finish off, get rid of (someone, something)
asistir a
to attend (a function)
asociarse con
to associate with, team up with
asomarse a
to appear at, look out from (the window)
asustarse con
to be afraid of, to be frightened by
burlar a
to decieve, play a trick on (someone)
casarse con
to marry
comerciar con
to do business with
consagrase a
to devote oneself to (someone,something)
contar con
to count on
contentarse con
to be content with
cuidar a
to care for, take care of (someone)
dar a
to face (something)
dar con
to happen upon
dar cuerda a
to wind (something)
disfrutar con / divertirse con
to enjoy, have fun with
montar a
to ride (something)
oler a
to smell like (something)
parecerse a
to resemble (something) physically
saber a
to taste like (something)
sonar a
to sound like (something)
subir a
to climb, go up, or get on (something)
renunciar a
to quit, give up (something)
encontarse con
to meet up with, run into
enfadarse con
to get angry at
enojarse con
to get angry at
equivocarse con
to be mistaken about
espantarse con
to become afraid of
juntarse con
to join forces with
meterse con
to pick a fight with
preocuparse con
to worry about
recearse con
to amuse oneself with
romper con
to break off relations with
salir con
to go out with, to date
tratar con
to have dealings with
tropezarse con
to stumble over, bump into
abusar de
to take advantage of
alejarse de
to get away from
asombrarse de
to be astonished at
avergonzarse de
to be ashamed of
brindar a la salud de
to toast
burlarse de
to make fun of
carecer de
to lack
cuidar de
to care for (something/someone)
gozar de
to enjoy
librarse de
to get rid of
maldecir de
to damn, to speak ill of
maravillarse de
to marvel at
marcharse de
to leave
morir de
to die of (literally)
morirse de
to die of (not necessarily literally)
pensar de
to think of, have an opinion of
probar de
to sample, to try out
salir de
to go away from (somewhere)
separarse de
to leave, part company with
servir de
to be useful as
sorprenderse de
to be surprised at
abdicar en
to abdicate (the throne) to (someone)
convertirse en
to become, change/turn into
equivocarse en
to make a mistake about
influir en
to have an influence on
mojarse en
to get mixed up in
montar en
to ride
parar(se) en
to stop at, stay in
trabajar en
to work on, to work at