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forzar a
to force to
guardarse de
to take care, be careful not to
hacer bien en
to be right to
hacer mal en
to be wrong to
hartarse de
to be fed up with
hay que
to have to, must (used impersonally)
impulsar a
to urge to
incitar a
to incite to
inclinar a
to incline to
insistir en
to insist on
interesarse en
to be interested in
invitar a
to invite to
ir a
to be going to
jactarse de
to boast of
limitarse a
to limit oneself to
llegar a
to manage to, succeed in, end up
llevar a
to lead to
luchar por
to struggle for
mandar a
to send to
meterse a
to start to
molestarse en
to bother about, take the trouble to
negarse a
to refuse to
obligar a
to force compel to
olvidarse de
to forget to
optar por
to opt for
parar de
to stop
pasar a
to go on to
pensar en
to think about
persistir en
to persist in
persuadir a
to persuade to
ponerse a
to start, to to set about to
preocuparse con de
to be concerned with
prepararse a
to prepare to
presumir de
to boast about
quedar en
to agree to
quejarse de
to complain about
renunciar a
to renounce
resignarse a
to resign oneself to
resistirse a
to resist
salir a
to go out, to to leave to
soñar con
to dream of/about
tardar en
to delay in
tender a
to tend to
tener que ver con
to concern, have to do with
terminar de por
to stop, to end up (doing something)
tratar de
to try to
vacilar en
to hesitate over
venir a
to come to
volver a
to do something again