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to be bored by/with
aburrirse de
to take advantage of, impose upon, abuse
abusar de
to have just
acabar de
to remember
acordarse de
to be glad of/about, to be happy to
alegrarse de
to go/get away from
alejarse de
to take advantage of
aprovecharse de
to repent, be sorry for
arrepentirse de
to be astonished at
asombrarse de
to be ashamed of
avergonzarse de
to toast
brindar a la salud de
to make fun of
burlarse de
to be/get tired of
cansarse de
to lack
carecer de
to cease
cesar de
to obtain/get (something) from
conseguir (algo) de
to care for, take care of
cuidar de
to suppose, "must be"
deber de
to stop
dejar de
to depend on
depender de
to take charge of
encargarse de
to be in charge of
estar encargado de
to enjoy
gozar de
to suppose [conjecture] to
haber de
to talk of/about, speak of
hablar de
to brag about, boast of
jactarse de
to get rid of
librarse de
to fill (up) with
llenar(se) de
to speak ill of
maldecir de
to marvel at
maravillarse de
to leave, walk away from (a place)
marcharse de
to die [literally] of/from (an illness, a situation)
morir de
to be dying [figuratively] for/of (something)
morirse de
to concern oneself with, pay attention to, deal with
ocuparse de
to forget
olvidarse de
to cease, stop
parar de
to think of, have an opinion about
pensar de
to brag about, boast of, pride oneself on
preciarse de
to do without, neglect
prescindir de
to sample, take a taste of
probar de
to complain of/about
quejarse de
to leave, go away from
salir de
to leave, part company with
separarse de
to act as, serve as, be useful for
servir de
to be surprised at, be amazed at
sorprenderse de
to finish
terminar de
to try to
tratar de
to be a question of
tratarse de