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acercarse a
to approach something
acostumbrarse a
to get used to
acudir a
to rush help (someone)
animar a
to encourage to
aprender a (infinitivo)
to learn how to (infinitive)
apresurarse a
to hurry to
arriegarse a
to risk to
asistir a
to attend
atrevarse a
to dare
aventurarse a
to venture to
ayudar a
to help to
comenzar a
to begin to
comprometerse a
to commit oneself to
condenar a
to condemn to
conformarse a
to conform to
contribuir a
to contribute to
convidar a
to invite to
correr a
t run to
dar a
open on; to face (building, window, etc.)
decidirse a (infinitivo)
to decide to (infinitive)
dedicarse a
to devote oneself to
desafiar a
to challenge to
detenerse a (infinitivo)
to stop to (infinitive)
disponerse a
to get ready to
echarse a (infinitivo)
to begin to (infinitive)
empezar a (infinitivo)
to begin to (infinitive)
enseñar a (infinitivo)
to teach (infinitive)
equivaler a
to be equivalent to
exponerse a
to expose oneself to
faltar a
to be absent from
incitar a
to incite to
invitar a
to invite to
ir a
to be going to
jugar a
to play (a game)
limitarse a
to limit oneself to
llegar a
to arrive in (or at); to come to; to finally do (something)
meterse a
to take up
negarse a (infinitivo)
to refuse to (infinitive)
obligar a
to force to
ofrecerse a
to offer to
oler a (sustantivo)
to smell of (noun)
oponerse a
to be opposed to
pasar a
to proceed to
persuadir a
to persuade to
ponerse a (infinitivo)
to begin to (infinitive)
prepararse a (infinitivo)
to prepare oneself to (infinitive)
principiar a (infinitive)
to begin to
renunciar a
to give up
resignarse a
to resign oneself to
resistirse a
to resist
resolverse a
to resolve to
saber a
to taste of
tornar a
to do (something) again
venir a
to come (to do something)
volver a
to (verb) again