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future tense
Action that will happen in the future.

Future tense is formed with the helping verbs will or shall
Action Verb
words that express action
verb phrases
verbs that are made up or one or more helping verbs followed by a main verb.
List of being verbs
am is are was were
has been, have been, had been
will be, shall be
past tense
action that has already happened
present tense
action that is happening now
past participle of verb
Verb that is a past tense of the verb with a helping verb before it.
regular verb
A verb that forms its past and past participle by add -ed or -d to it.
Irregular verb
The past or past participle is not formed by adding -ed or -d to it.
being verbs
verbs that are a form of the verb "to be." They show that someone or something "is."
List of helping verbs
am is are was were
be been being
has have had
do did does
shall will should would
may might must can could
Linking verb
being verbs that connects or links the subject of the sentence to a noun that renames the subject or to an adjective that describes the subject.