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- gustar

- me gusta el coche rojo

- no le gustan a ella los perros
- to like

- i like the red car

- she doesn't like dogs
- bastar

- ya basta!

- A Juanita uno helado le basta
- to be sufficient /enough to

- enough already!

- One ice-cream is enough for Juanita
- caer bien / mal con

- a los primos les cae bien a ella

- me cae mal mi padre
- to get on well / badly with

- the cousins get on well with her

- I don't get on with my dad
- disgustar

- os disgusta la basura

- A Juan le disgusta el queso
- to be disgusting to / to hate (a thing)

- you hate the rubbish

- he hates cheese
- doler

- me duele el estomago

- te dueles los pies
- doler to be painful to / to hurt

- my stomach hurts

- your feet hurt
- encantar

- me encanta el jardin en el verano

- nos encantan tus amigos
- to be enchanting to / to love

- I love the garden in the summer

- we love your friends
- faltar

- a él le falta el libro correcto

- me faltan los botónes de esta camisa
- to be lacking / to need (a thing)

- he lacks the right book

- I'm missing the buttons on this shirt
- importar

- me importa mucho la política

- nos importan los resultados
- to be important to

- politics is important to me

- the results are important to us
- interesar

- te interesa los niños

- me interesan los partidos de fútbol
- to be interesting to

- you are interested in children

- I am interested in football matches
- paracer

- me parece que todo está aquí

- los gatos nos aperecen estar en todas partes
- to appear to / to seem

- It appears to me it is all here

- to us the cats appeared to be everywhere
- sobrar

- A un millonario le sobra el dinero

- Al fin de semana, a ellos no les sobra dinero
- to be left over to, to be in surplus

- A millionaire has an excess of money

- by the weekend they didn't have any money left over