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What is a verb?
a word that expresses action
What is an Action Verb?
verbs that express what action someone or something is performing
What are transitive verbs?
a verb that takes an object
ex.I carried the injured boy to the waiting ambulance
What are intransitive verbs?
does NOT direct action toward an action
ex. I sank into the sofa with great delight
What are linking verbs?
they do not show action- a verb that connects a word at or near the begining of a sentence with a word or near the end
What are auxillary verbs?
verbs that are added to another verb to make a single verb phrase
What are adverbs?
words that modify verbs
Questions adverbs answer?
Where? When? In what way? to what extent?
Adverbs modifying adjectives
the adverbs generally comes directly before the adjectives
Adverbs modifying adverbs
an adverb modifier generally comes directly before the adverb its modifying
What are conjunctive adverbs?
join independent clauses in one sentence
What are independent clauses?
a group of words that ca stand on their own as a complete sentence
What are intensifiers?
they increase the intensity of the adjectives and other adverbs they modify
What is a preposition
a word that links a noun or pronoun to another part or the sentence
What is a prepositional phrase?
a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or a pronoun