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abicio, abicere, abieci, abiectus
throw/cast away/down/aside; abandon; slight; humble; debase; sell too cheaply;
absum, abesse, afui, afuturum
be away/absent/distant/missing; be free/removed from; be lacking; be distinct;
accedo, accedere, accessi, accessum
come near, approach; agree with; be added to (w/ad or in + ACC); constitute;
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensum
I set fire to
accidit, accidere, accidit, accisus est
happens, turns out, befalls; fall upon; come to pass, occur;
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptum
take, grasp, receive, accept, undertake; admit, let in, hear, learn; obey;
accūsō, accūsāre, accūsāvi, accūsātus
accuse, blame, find fault
adiciō, adicere, adiēci, adiectus
I add to
adimo, adimere, ademi, ademptum
I take away
adiuvo, adiuvare, adiuvi, adiutum
administro, administrare, administravi, administratum
I manage, administer
admiror, admirari, admiratus sum
admire, respect; regard with wonder, wonder at; be surprised at, be astonished;
adsum, adesse, adfui, adfuturum
be near, be present, be in attendance, arrive, appear; aid (w/DAT);
advenio, advenire, adveni, adventum
come to, arrive; arrive at, reach, be brought; develop, set in, arise;
aedifico, aedificare, aedificavi, aedificatum
build, erect, construct, make; create; establish; improve; edify;
aegrōtō, aegrōtāre, aegrōtāvi, aegrōtātum
I am ill
aestimo, aestimare
I value
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitus
recognize, realize, discern; acknowledge, claim, admit to/responsibility;
ago, agere, egi, actum
drive, urge, conduct; spend (time w/cum); thank (w/gratias); deliver (speech);
aio (imperf. aiebam)
ambulo, ambulare, ambulavi, ambulatum
walk, take a walk, go on foot; travel, march; go about, gad; parade, strut;
amo, amare, amavi, amatum
love, like; fall in love with; be fond of; have a tendency to;
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum
uncover, open, disclose; explain, recount; reveal; found; excavate; spread out;
appareō, appārēre, appāruī, appāritus
appear; be evident/visible/noticed/found; show up, occur; serve
appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatusm
call (upon); address; dun; solicit; appeal (to); bring to court; accuse; name;
arcesso, arcessere, arcessivi, arcessitum
ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsum
I burn, am on fire
arripio, arripere, arripui, arreptus
snatch up; take hold of; seize
ascendo, ascendere, ascendi, ascensum
climb; go/climb up; mount, scale; mount up, embark; rise, ascend, move upward;
assequor, assequī, assecūtus sum
persue, catch up, attain
audeo, audere, ausus sum
I dare
audio, audire, audivi, auditum
hear, listen, accept, agree with; obey; harken, pay attention; be able to hear;
augeo, augere, auxi, auctum
I increase
averto, avertere, averti, aversus
I turn aside
bellum gerō, -ere
I wage war
bibo, bibere, bibi, bibitus
drink; toast; visit, frequent (w/river name); drain, draw off; thirst for; suck
cado, cadere, cecidi, casum
fall, sink, drop, plummet, topple; be slain, die; end, cease, abate; decay;
cano, canere, cecini, cantum
sing, celebrate, chant; crow; recite; play (music)/sound (horn); foretell;
canto, cantare, cantavi, cantatus
I sing (of)
capio, capere, cepi, captum
take hold, seize; grasp; take bribe; arrest/capture; put on; occupy; captivate;
careo, carere, carui, caritus
I lack, am without
carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptus
seize/pick/pluck/gather/browse/tear off;
caveo, cavere, cavi, cautus
to beware of
cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessus
yield, give way to
celebrō, celebrāre, celebrāvi, celebrātus
celebrate/perform; frequent; honor/glorify; publicize/advertise; discuss/bandy;
celo, celare, celavi, celatus
I hide
ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatus
dine, eat dinner/supper; have dinner with; dine on, make a meal of;
cesso, cessare, cessavi, cessatum
linger, idle
circumvenio, circumvenire, circumveni, circumventum
encircle, surround; assail, beset; enclose; circumvent; defraud/trick; surpass;
clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatum
proclaim, declare; cry/shout out; shout/call name of; accompany with shouts;
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum
close, shut, block up; conclude, finish; blockade, besiege; enclose; confine;
coepī, coepisse
I began
cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatum
I think, reflect
cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognitum
become acquainted with/aware of; recognize; learn, find to be; inquire/examine;
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactum
I collect, I gather
colligo, colligere, collegi, collectum
collect, gather
colloco, collocare, collocavi, collocatus
place, put in position
colloquor, colloqui, collocutus sum
talk/speak to/with; talk together/over
colo, colere, colui, cultum
worship; tend, take care of, promote growth; foster, maintain;
comitor, comitari, comitatus sum
I accompany
comparo, comparare, comparavi, comparatum
complecto, complectere, complecti, complexus
embrace, hug; welcome; encircle,
complector, complecti, complexus sum (dep)
embrace, hug; welcome; encircle,
comprehendō, comprehendere, comprehendī, comprehēnsum
condo, condere, condidi, conditum
found, establish
condo, condere, condidi, conditus
put/insert (into); store up/put away, preserve, bottle (wine);
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectus
finish off; kill, dispatch; defeat finally,make, construct; prepare, complete, accomplish;
confido, confidere, confisus sum
have confidence in, rely on, trust (to); believe, be confident/assured; be sure
cōnfīrmō, cōnfirmāre, cōnfirmavi, cōnfirmatum
strengthen, encourage
confugio, confugere, confugi,confugitus
flee for refuge
conicio, conicere, conjeci, conjectus
throw/put/pile together; conclude, infer/guess;
hurl, throw/cast/fling (into area); devote/pour (money); thrust, involve; insert;
coniungo, coniungere, coniunxi, coniunctum
I join
cōnor, cōnārī, cōnātus sum
I try
conscendo, conscendere, conscendi, conscensus
climb up, ascend, scale; rise to; mount (horse); board (ship)/embark/set out;
consisto, consistere, constiti, constitum
I make a stand
cōnsōlor, cōnsōlārī, cōnsōlātus sum
I comfort
conspicio, conspicere, conspexi, conspectus
observe/see/witness; notice; watch; gaze/stare on; catch/be in sight of; face;
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutum
decide/resolve; decree/ordain; appoint, post/station (troops); settle (colony);
contemno, contemnere, contempsi, contemptum
I despise
contendo, contendere, contendi, contentus
march, travel; extend; rush to, be in a hurry, hasten
convenio, convenire, conveni, conventus
meet/assemble; go to meet; come together;
convoco, convocare, convocavi, convocatus
call/bring together; assemble; convoke/convene; summon/muster; collect (thing);
corripio, corripere, corripui, correptum
I sieze
credo, credere, credidi, creditus +dat
trust, entrust; commit/consign; believe, trust in, rely on, confide; suppose;
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum
cubo, cubare, cubui, cubitum
lie down
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitus
wish/long/be eager for; desire/want, covet; desire as a lover; favor, wish well
curo, curare, curavi, curatus
arrange/see/attend to; take care of; provide for; worry/care about; heal/cure;
curro, currere, cucurri, cursus
run/trot/gallop, hurry/hasten/speed, move/travel/proceed/flow swiftly/quickly;
custodio, custodire, custodivi, custoditus
guard/protect/preserve, watch over, keep safe; take heed/care, observe; restrai
debeo, debere, debui, debitus
owe; be indebted/responsible for/obliged/bound/destined; ought, must, should;
dedo, dedere, dedidi, deditus
give up/in, surrender; abandon/consign/devote (to); yield, hand/deliver over;
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensus
defend/guard/protect, look after; act/speak/plead/write for defense; prosecute;
delecto, delectare, delectavi, delectatum
please, delight
dēleō, dēlēre, dēlēvī, dēlētum
dēmittō, dēmittere, dēmīsī, dēmissum
send down, let down
depono, deponere, deposivi, depositus
put/lay down/aside/away; let drop/fall; give up; resign; deposit/entrust/commit
descendo, descendere, descendi, descensus
escend, climb/march/come/go/flow/run/hang down; dismount; penetrate/sink;
dēsīdero, dēsīderāre, dēsīderāvi, dēsīderātus
long/wish for
desino, desinere, desii, desitum
I cease
despero, desperare, desperavi, desperatus
despair (of); have no/give up hope (of/that); give up as hopeless (of cure);
desum, deesse, defui, defuturus
be wanting/lacking; fail/miss; abandon/desert, neglect; be away/absent/missing;
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus
say, talk; tell, call; name, designate; assert; set, appoint; plead; order;
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectus
love, hold dear; value/esteem/favor; have special regard for; (milder than amo)
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus
send away, send around; scatter; disband, dismiss; give up, abandon, desert;
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessus
go/march off, depart, withdraw; scatter, dissipate; abandon; lay down (arms);
disco, discere, didici, -
learn; become acquainted with; acquire knowledge of;
discurro, discurrere, discurri, discursus
I run this way and that
dissero, disserere, disserui, dissertum
divido, dividere, dividi, divisum
divide, separate, break up
do, dare, dedi, datum
give; dedicate; sell; pay; grant/bestow/impart/offer/lend; devote; allow; make;
doceo, docere, docui, doctus
teach, show, point out;
doleō, dolēre, doluī, dolitus
hurt; feel/suffer pain; grieve; be afflicted/pained/sorry; cause pain/grief;
dominor, dominari, dominatus sum
be master/despot/in control
dono, donare, donavi, donatus
present, grant; forgive; give (gifts), bestow;
dormio, dormire, dormivi, dormitus
sleep, rest; be/fall asleep; behave as if asleep; be idle, do nothing;
duco, ducere, duxi, ductus
lead, command; think, consider, regard; prolong;
edo, edere, edi, esus
eat; consume, devour;
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectus
bring about; effect, execute, cause; accomplish; make, produce; prove;
ēgredior, ēgredī, ēgressus sum
I go out
elabor, elabi, elapsus sum
slip away; escape; elapse;
emo, emere, emi, emptus
buy; gain, acquire, obtain;
eo, ire, ivi(ii), itus
go, walk; march, advance; pass; flow; pass (time); ride; sail;
equito, equitare, equitavi, equitatus
ride (horseback);
eripio, eripere, eripui, ereptus
snatch away, take by force; rescue;
erro, errare, erravi, erratus
wander, go astray; make a mistake, err; vacillate;
evado, evadere, evasi, evasus
evade, escape; avoid;
everto, evertere, everti, eversum
overturn, overthrow, destroy
evigilo, evigilare, evigilavi, evigilatus
be wakeful; watch throughout the night; devise or study with careful attention;
excito, excitare, excitavi, excitatus
wake up, stir up; cause; raise, erect; incite; excite, arouse;
exeo, exire, exivi(ii), exitus
go out; come/go/sail/march/move out/forth/away, leave; pass (away), expire/perish/
exerceo, exercere, exercui, exercitus
exercise, train, drill, practice; enforce, administer; cultivate;
expecto, expectare, expectavi, expectatus
await, expect; anticipate; hope for;
expello, expellere, expuli, expulsum
drive out, expell, banish
facio, facere, feci, factus
do, make; create; acquire; cause, bring about, fashion; compose; accomplish;
faveo, favere, favi, fautus
favor (w/DAT), befriend, support, back up;
ferio, ferire, -, -
I strike
fero, ferre, tuli, latus
bring, bear; tell speak of; consider; carry off, win, receive, produce; get;
festino, festinare, festinavi, festinatus
hasten, hurry;
fio, fieri, factus sum
be made, be don, become
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus
cry for; cry, weep
fluō, fluere, fluxi, fluxus
flow, stream; emanate, proceed from
for, fari, fatus sum
speak, talk; say;
frangō, frangere, frēgi, fractus
break, shatter, crush; dishearten, subdue, weaken; move, discourage;
fruor, frui, fructus sum + ABL
I enjoy
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus
flee, fly, run away; avoid, shun; go into exile;
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus
pour, cast (metals); scatter, shed, rout;
gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus sum
be glad, rejoice;
gero, gerere, gessi, gestus
bear, carry, wear; carry on; manage, govern;
habeo, habere, habui, habitus
have, hold, consider, think, reason; manage, keep; spend/pass (time);
habeo, pro certo habeo
I am sure that
habito, habitare, habitavi, habitatus
inhabit, dwell; live, stay;
horreo, horrere, horrui, -
dread, shrink from, shudder at
iaceo, iacere, iacui, iacitus
lie; lie down; lie ill/in ruins/prostrate/dead; sleep; be situated;
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus
throw, hurl, cast; throw away; utter;
ignosco, ignoscere, ignovi, ignotum + dat
I pardon, forgive
immineo, imminere + dat.
I hang over, threaten
impero, imperare, imperavi, imperatus
order, command, levy; rule (over) (w/DAT);
incendo, incendere, incendi, incensus
set fire to, kindle, burn; rouse, excite, inflame, aggravate, incense;
incitō, incitāre, incitāvi, incitātus
enrage; urge on; inspire; arouse;
induo, induere, indui, indutus
put on, clothe, cover; dress oneself in;
ineo, inire, inivi(ii), initus
enter; undertake; begin; go in; enter upon;
ingredior, ingredī, ingressus sum
I go into
insum, inesse, infui, infuturus
be in/on.there; belong to; be involved in;
intellego, intellegere, intellexi, intellectus
understand; realize
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectum
I kill
intersum, interesse, interfui, interfuturus
be/lie between, be in the midst; be present; take part in; be different;
intro, intrare, intravi, intratus
enter; go into, penetrate; reach;
intueor, intueri, intuitus sum
look at; consider, regard; admire; stare;
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus
come upon; discover, find; invent, contrive; reach, manage to get;
invideo, invidere, invidi, invisus
envy, regard with envy/ill will; be jealous of; begrudge, refuse;
īrāscor, īrāscī, īrātus sum + dat.
get/be/become angry
irrumo, irrumare, irrumavi, irrumatus
force receptive male oral sex; treat in shameful manner; abuse; defile; (rude);
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus
order, command, decree; appoint [salvere jubeo => greet, welcome];
iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutus
help, assist, aid, support, serve, further; please, delight, gratify;
lābor, lābī, lāpsus sum
I slip, fall
laboro, laborare, laboravi, laboratus
work, labor; produce, take pains; be troubled/sick/oppressed, be in distress;
lateō, latēre, latuī,
lie hidden
laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatum
recommend; praise, approve, extol; call upon, name; deliver eulogy on;
lavo, lavare, lavi, lautum
wash, bathe; soak;
lego, legere, legi, lectum
read; gather, collect (cremated bones); furl (sail), weigh (anchor); pick out;
libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum
free; acquit, absolve; manumit; liberate, release;
loquor, loquī, locūtus sum
I speak, say
luceo, lucere, luxi
I shine
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus
play, mock, tease, trick;
malo, malle, malui, -
prefer; incline toward, wish rather;
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus
remain, stay, abide; wait for; continue, endure, last; spend the night (sexual)
me gero
I behave myself
meditor, meditari, meditatus sum
think about, meditate
meminī, meminisse
I remember
mereō, merēre, merui, meritus
earn; deserve/merit/have right
mihi placet
it pleases me
milito, militare, militavi, militatum
be a soldier, fight, serve in the army
minor, minārī, minātus sum + dat.
mīror, mīrāri, mīrātus sum
look in wonder/awe/admiration at;
mitto, mittere, misi, missus
send, throw, hurl, cast; let out, release, dismiss; disregard;
moneo, monere, monui, monitus
remind, advise, warn; teach; admonish; foretell, presage;
morior, morī, mortuus sum
I die
moror, morārī, morātus sum
I delay
muto, mutāre, mutāvi, mutātus
move, change, shift, alter, exchange, substitute (for); modify;
narro, narrare, narravi, narratus
tell, tell about, relate, narrate, recount, describe;
nascor, nasci, natus sum
I am born
navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatus
sail; navigate;
nego, negare, negavi, negatus
deny, refuse; say ... not;
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum
I do not know
nolo, nolle, nolui, -
be unwilling; wish not to; refuse to;
nubo, nubere, nupsi, nuptum
numero, numerare, numeravi, numeratus
to count
oblīvīscor, oblīvīsci, obltus sum
I forget
obsideo, obsidere, obsedi, obsessus
blockade, besiege, invest
occido, occidere, occidi, occisus
kill, murder, slaughter, slay; cut/knock down; weary, be the death/ruin of;
occupo, occupare, occupavi, occupatum
seize, gain, overtake
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursus
run to meet; oppose, resist; come to mind, occur (with DAT);
ōdī, ōdisse
I hate
offerō, offerre, obtuli, oblātus
offer; present; cause; bestow;
omitto, omittere, omisi, omissus
lay aside; omit; let go; disregard;
opprimo, opprimere, oppressi, oppressum
press down, suppress
oppugno, oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatus
attack, assault, storm, besiege;
optō, optāre, optavi, optatus
wish, wish for, desire;
orior, orīrī, ortus sum
I arise
ōrnō, ōrnāre, ornāvi, ornātus
oro, orare, oravi, oratus
beg, ask for, pray; beseech, plead, entreat; worship, adore;
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentus
show; reveal; make clear, point out, display, exhibit;
parco, parcere, peperci, parsus
pareo, parere, parui, paritus
obey, be subject/obedient to; submit/yield/comply; pay attention; attend to;
paro, parare, paravi, paratus
prepare; furnish/supply/provide; produce; obtain/get; buy; raise; put up; plan;
patior, patī, passus sum
I suffer
pedico, pedicare, pedicavi, pedicatus
perform anal intercourse; commit sodomy with;
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsum
beat, drive out, push
peragō, peragere, perēgī, perāctum
finish, accomplish
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditus
ruin, destroy; lose; waste;
pereo, perire, perii, peritum
perish, die
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus
complete, finish; execute; bring about, accomplish; do thoroughly;
persequor, persequi, persecutus sum
follow after, pursue; overtake
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus
I arrive, reach
peto, petere, petivi, petitus
attack; aim at; desire; beg, entreat, ask (for); reach towards, make for;
placeo, placere, placui, placitus
please, satisfy, give pleasure to (with dat.);
polliceor, pollicērī, pollicitus sum
I promise
pono, ponere, posui, positus
put, place, set; station;
porto, portare, portavi, portatus
carry, bring;
posco, poscere, poposci, -
ask, demand;
possideō, possidēre, possēdi, possessus
seize, hold, be master of; possess,
possum, posse, potui, -
be able, can; [multum posse => have much/more/most influence/power];
postulo, postulare, postulavi, postulatum
pōtō, pōtāre, pōtāvi, pōtātum
praebeo, praebere, praebui, praebitum
I offer, provide
praeficio, praeficere, praefeci, praefectum
put in charge, place in command
praetereo, praeterire, praeterii, praeteritus
I go past, pass
precor, precārī, precātus sum
wish/pray for/to; beg
probo, probare, probavi, probatus
approve (of), esteem/commend/recommend/certify;
procedo, procedere, processi, processus
proceed; advance; appear;
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditus
betray; give up, abandon, forsake;
proelium committo
I join battle
proficio, proficere, profeci, profectum
I make progress, accomplish
proficīscor, proficiscī, profectus sum
I set out
prōgredior, prōgredī, prōgressus sum
I advance
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitum
I prevent
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissus
prōpōnō, prōpōnere, prōposuī, prōpositum
I put forward, propose, explain
prospecto, prospectare, prospectavi, prospectatus
gaze out (at); look out on;
provideo, providere, providi, provisus
I forsee
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatus
fight; dispute; [pugnatum est => the battle raged];
punio, punire, punivi, punitum
puto, putare, putavi, putatus
think, believe, suppose,
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus
search for, seek, strive for; obtain; ask, inquire, demand;
queror, queri, questus sum
I complain
quiesco, quiescere, quievi, quietus
rest, keep quiet/calm, be at peace/rest; be inactive/neutral; permit; sleep;
rapio, rapere, rapui, raptus
drag off; snatch; destroy; seize, carry off; pillage; hurry;
recēdō, recēdere, recessī, recessus
recede, go back, withdraw, ebb; retreat; retire; move/keep/pass/slip away;
recipio, recipere, recepi, receptum
keep back; recover; undertake; guarantee; accept, take in; take back;
recito, recitare, recitavi, recitatus
read aloud, recite; name in writing;
reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditus
return; restore; deliver; hand over, pay back, render, give back; translate;
redeo, redire, redivi(ii), reditus
return, go back, give back; fall back on, revert to; respond, pay back;
redono, redonare, redonavi, redonatus
give back again; forgive;
refero, referre, rettuli, relatus
bring/carry back/again/home; move/draw/force back, withdraw; go back, return;
rego, regere, rexi, rectus
rule, guide; manage, direct;
regredior, regredī, regressus sum
I go back
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictus
leave behind, abandon; (pass.) be left, remain; bequeath;
rem gero
I conduct a matter
renovo, renovare, renovavi, renovatus
renew, restore; revive;
repello, repellere, reppuli, repulsus
drive/push/thrust back/away; repel/rebuff/spurn; fend off; exclude/bar; refute;
resisto, resistere, restiti, -
pause; continue; resist, oppose; reply; withstand, stand (DAT); make a stand;
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus
restituō, restituere, restituī, restitūtus
retineo, retinere, retinui, retentus
hold back, restrain; uphold; delay; hold fast; retain,preserve;
reverto, revertere, reverti, reversum
I turn back
revertor, reverti, reversus sum
I return
rideo, ridere, risi, risus
laugh at (with dat.), laugh; ridicule
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatus
ask, ask for; invite; introduce;
rumpo, rumpere, rupi, ruptus
break; destroy;
ruo, ruere, rui, rutum
I rush
saluto, salutare, salutavi, salutatus
greet; wish well; visit; hail, salute;
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus
write; compose;
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessus
sit, remain; settle; encamp;
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensum
feel, realize
sequor, sequī, secūtus sum
I follow
servio, servire, servii, servitum + dat
I serve
servo, servare, servavi, servatus
watch over; protect, store, keep, guard, preserve, save;
simulo, simulare, simulavi, simulatus
imitate, copy; pretend (to have/be);
sino, sinere, sivi, situs
allow, permit;
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutum
untie, cast off
specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatus
observe, watch, look at, see; test; consider;
spero, sperare, speravi, speratus
hope for; trust; look forward to; hope;
sto, stare, steti, statum
stand, stand still, stand firm; remain, rest;
studeo, studere, studui, -
desire, be eager for; busy oneself with; strive;
succurro, succurrere, succurri, succursus
run to the aid of, help;
sum, esse, fui, futurus
to be, exist; also used to form verb perfect passive tenses with NOM PERF PPL
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptus
I take up
supero, superare, superavi, superatus
overcome, conquer; survive; outdo; surpass, be above, have the upper hand;
supplico, supplicare, supplicavi, supplicatum
pray, supplicate, humbly beseech
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectus
rise, lift; grow;
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptum
I undertake
suspicor, suspicāri, suspicātus sum
mistrust, suspect
taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum
be silent; pass over in silence; leave unmentioned, be silent about something;
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus
touch, strike; border on, influence; mention;
tempto, temptare, temptavi, temptatum
test, try; urge; worry; bribe;
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum
hold, keep; comprehend; possess; master; preserve; [tenere memoria => remember
timeo, timere, timui, -
fear, dread, be afraid (ne + SUB = lest; ut or ne non + SUB = that ... not);
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatum
lift, raise; destroy; remove, steal; take/lift up/away
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum
hand over, surrender; deliver; bequeath; relate;
traicio, traicere, trajeci, trajectus
transfer; transport; pierce
transeo, transire, transivi(ii), transitum
go over, cross;
tueor, tuērī, tuitus sum
I protect
utor, uti, usus sum + abl
I use
valeo, valere, valui, valitum
be strong
valēre iubeō
I bid goodbye to
veho, vehere, vexi, vectum
I carry
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditum
venio, venire, veni, ventum
vereor, verērī, veritus sum
I fear
verto, vertere, verti, versum
turn, turn around; change, alter; overthrow, destroy;
veto, vetare, vetui, vetitum
forbid, order not not to
vexo, vexare, vexavi, vexatum
I worry, annoy
video, videre, vidi, visum
see, look at; consider; (PASS) seem, seem good, appear, be seen;
videor, vidērī, visus sum
I seem
vinco, vincere, vici, victum
conquer, defeat, excel; outlast; succeed;
vīsō, vīsere, vīsī
I visit
vito, vitare, vitavi, vitatus
avoid, shun; evade;
vivo, vivere, vixi, victum
be alive, live; survive; reside;
voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatum
call, summon; name; call upon;
volo, velle, volui, -
wish, want, prefer; be willing, will;
volo, volare, volavi, volatum
volvō, volvere, volvī, volutum
roll, turn over