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ululate \ULL-yuh-layt\ verb
howl, wail
People waved, ululated and punched the air with their fists, not bothered if those inside the motorcade were responding or even paying attention to the excitement outside." (Africa News, November 2004)
evince \ih-VINSS\ verb
1 : to constitute outward evidence of
*2 : to display clearly : reveal
Darby strode confidently to the end of the diving board, evincing not the slightest sign of fear or nervousness
adjudicate \uh-JOO-dih-kayt\ verb
1 : to settle judicially
*2 : to act as judge
In his concurring opinion in Gillis v. City of Waycross, Judge Mikell said that judges are not replaceable at will — the judge voted into office should be the judge to adjudicate in all cases.
sashay \sash-AY\ verb
1 : to make the sliding dance step called chassé
2 a : walk, glide, go *b : to strut or move about in an ostentatious or conspicuous manner c : to proceed or move in a diagonal or sideways manner
Cameras flashed and fans screamed as the latest pop princess sashayed down the red carpet.
burgeon \BER-jun\ verb
1 a : to send forth new growth (as buds or branches) : sprout b : bloom
*2 : to grow and expand rapidly : flourish
Laura's business started as a small corner diner and burgeoned into a successful restaurant chain.
indoctrinate \in-DAHK-truh-nayt\ verb
1 : to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments : teach
*2 : to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle
New hires were indoctrinated with the company's philosophy during a two-day orientation.
amalgamate \uh-MAL-guh-mayt\ verb `
: to unite in or as if in an amalgam; especially : to merge into a single body
The three companies will be amalgamated into a single large corporation early next year.
gorgonize \GOR-guh-nyze\ verb
: to have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on : stupefy, petrify
The bus driver could gorgonize any unruly child with a single glance
undergird \un-der-GURD\ verb
: to form the basis or foundation of : strengthen, support
The mayor cited examples of the fire department's inefficiency to undergird his request for a new fire station.
yawp \YAWP\ verb
1 : to make a raucous noise : squawk
*2 : clamor, complain
Bob was unpopular with the office supervisors because he was always yawping loudly about his working conditions
bloviate \BLOH-vee-ayt\ verb
: to speak or write verbosely and windily
Maggie liked to turn on the news and watch the media pundits bloviate about the top issues of the day.
ramify \RAM-uh-fye\ verb
1 : to split up into branches or constituent parts
*2 : to send forth branches or extensions
transitive verb
1 : to cause to branch
2 : to separate into divisions
"The bus system ramified so widely that it became possible to travel to Athens in a single day from a very large proportion of the villages of Greece...." (William H. McNeill, The Metamorphosis of Greece Since World War II)
welter \WEL-ter\ verb
1 a : writhe, toss; also : wallow *b : to rise and fall or toss about in or with waves
2 : to become deeply sunk, soaked, or involved
3 : to be in turmoil
The ship tossed and weltered upon the waves in the ocean
vamoose \vuh-MOOSS\ verb
: to depart quickly
With Sheriff Barclay and his posse hot on their tails, the bank robbers knew they had better vamoose
glower \GLOW-er ("OW" as in "cow")\ verb
: to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger
Mariah crossed her arms and glowered at Jeff, making it perfectly clear that she'd had enough of his teasing.