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to insist that ...
to insist on
insistir en que ...
empeñarse en
to plead that ...
rogar que ...
to accuse of
acusar de
to encourage to
animar a
to be frightened of
asustarse de
to dare to
atreverse a
to count on
contar (ue)con
to tire of
cansarse de
to undertake to
comprometerse a
to consent to
consentir en
to consist of
consistir en
to take care to
cuidar de
to decide/make up one's mind to
decidirse a
to dissuade from
disuadir de
to amuse oneself by
divertirse en
to hesitate over

to doubt
dudar en

to strive to
esforzarse por
to force to
forzar a
to invite to (hay dos)
convidar a
invitar a
to limit oneself to
limitarse a
to be interested in
interesarse en/por
to struggle to
luchar por
to refuse to

to deny
negarse a

to offer to
ofrecerse para
to pass from/be uninterested in

to go on to
pasar de

pasar a
to renounce
renunciar a
to hesitate/vacilate over
vacilar en
to get ready to (hay dos)
disponerse a
prepararse a
to oppose/resist

to resist
oponerse a

resistirse a
to be surprised at/by (hay dos)
asombrarse de
sorprenderse de
to lead to (hay dos)
llevar a
conducir a
to agree to (hay dos)
convenir en
estar de acuerdo
preocuparse por (otra palabra)
inquietarse por